Vaping hasn’t always had it easy in the past. People have openly mocked and challenged almost every aspect of vaping, including its vast selection of flavours and options. However, a recent change has made it so that vaping now has a distinct advantage to its conventional opponent, and we’re going to be taking a look at it here and now.

Vaping – The Rise Of The Popular Flavour? 

Vaping has something to back it up which normal cigarettes don’t have. A set of flavours which don’t call to mind the taste of burnt skin or an ashtray. In the past, this was mocked and criticised. People felt that these flavours made the vaping more appealing to kids, back in the days when people thought that vaping tried to appeal to minors.

However, that’s all changed. The idea that vaping is a means to sway young minds is all but eradicated, and a recent study conducted actually suggests that people prefer fruit flavoured vaping liquids against the nicotine ones. The study, conducted in the U.K., took data from 20,000 vape users to determine what the preferred flavours were. The study showed that the common tobacco flavour, which was the closest approximation of vaping, had been replaced in terms of popularity by fruit flavoured liquids. This shift in popularity was down to people who had switched from cigarettes over to vaping devices, and had thus experienced both sides of the equation.

What Does This Mean For Vaping? 

Obviously, this can mean big things for the world of vaping. As an industry trying to escape the shadow of smoking, we’re always looking for new ways to prove that vaping isn’t as dangerous as people have perceived it to be. We need people to know that regardless of what smoking may do and the damage it may cause, vaping isn’t like that. It’s safer. This survey does mark what could be a big change in vaping, because it proves that these flavours that were once ridiculed and mocked are actually very popular. People who’ve come from smoking to vaping are experiencing them and seeing that they’re highly popular. This speaks volumes about the kind of influence vaping has had. It shows that we’re an entirely different entity from smoking, and that the tobacco and nicotine based flavours of the past are losing their appeal.

Overall, the survey which was conducted should help to cement the idea that vaping is a different industry to smoking, and that people aren’t just putting up with tobacco flavours. Not everyone likes that kind of flavour, but some don’t care. Whichever vaping flavour you pick is fine with us because you’re supporting vaping either way! If you’re looking for a new fruity tasting liquid to use on your vaping device, then Infinite Vapour can help. We have a very broad range of different vaping options available to us, as well as a selection of kits, mods and accessories. There’s everything you could need for a satisfying vaping experience.