In today’s review, we’re going to be looking at the Smok Priv V8. One of the latest entries by Smok, there’s a lot to talk about with the V8, but there’s one thing that everyone wants to know. How good is it? We’re going to be looking at the model, and seeing if it’s worth your money.

The Design

As usual, let’s begin by taking a look at the design. The V8 is sleek and streamlined, which is what people have come to expect from modern vaping devices. There’s a somewhat simplistic design at work here, but it does work well for the model instead of reducing its appeal. Users are greeted with a door for the battery compartment, and there’s also a trigger for the device, but there’s not much else there. The trigger itself feel responsive and does not rattle, which is substantial saving grace when you consider how many users are upset by rattling switches. It comes with a Baby Beast Tank, which is an excellent choice for the design, and allow for a good amount of e-liquid to be stored within. The coils are of good quality and will get you about two weeks of constant use, which is impressive given the design of the V8.

The Functionality

Moving past the design, it is now time to look at the element of the entire vaping device which most people are interested in. How well does it perform? For what is a relatively simple mod, the functionality of the device is exceptional. It acts much better than you would think of a tool which allows no control over the output. Naturally, a lot of people would presume that this is a secondary vaping device. If you can’t change the level of wattage or power, how are you supposed to get the vaping experience that you want?

However, this is interestingly where a lot of people are wrong. Despite these limitations, the V8 is capable of performing at a level which will appease the majority of vaping users, who accept the lack of control as being a trade-off for what is a pretty good device for use in social smoking or something discreet. You get a good flavour from your e-liquid, and you’re also treated to a decent level of clouds.

Overall, the simple design and limited control of the device hides the fact that it is a very impressive vaping device. In some ways, it is a testament to how far technology has progressed; that such a slim and simple device can provide a satisfying vape is incredible when you think about it. The tank allows for a right amount of liquid to be stored within it, and there’s enough power to provide you with a good flavour for a lot of different e-liquids. Infinite Vapour has this within our selection of devices, plus a wide range of other vaping apparatus and also accessories to go with it, so please do not hesitate to have a look around and find something which suits your taste.