The Joyetech Penguin Kit is something which, to be honest, looks adorable at first glance. Obviously, it’s been styled in the shape of a penguin and is an entry into the pod-mod system with a twist. We’re going to be taking a look at this device, and seeing how it stacks up when it comes to performance on the go.

The Appearance

So, what does it look like fresh out of the box? To begin with, it arrives as a stunning design which is curved to perfection. The black and white colour scheme is obviously designed to remind people of a penguin, and it is small enough to back up that idea. This design works wonders, however, as it does fit into the hand with ease, making for a smooth and straightforward vaping experience when you use it. There’s also no button rattle either, which is something which ruins a lot of great designs, so we’re pleased that this is absent from the Penguin.

The Performance

While we’re sure that a lot of people will fawn over the design, it is the performance of the device which we’re concerned about. What you’ll find is that the Penguin does perform very well, despite being a plug and play pod-mod system. The issue with putting in a new mod and then starting to use the device right away was always that they were a pain to swap out regularly. With each mod being good for close to 200 uses, the need to top up and replace became something which you had to do every couple of days to ensure you could keep using the device.

However, Joyetech has dared to do something different here, and have created a unique refill system. This means that you can add more liquid into the device instead of having to remove the mod to put a new one in. This is something which isn’t typical for designs like this and works in favour of the Penguin. Regarding performance, it delivers a high-quality vaping experience which doesn’t compromise on flavour at all. The coils perform consistently well, and there’s a compelling battery in place for what it is a small device, with a charging time of two hours giving you a whole day of moderate vaping. You’ll get some good clouds and a reliable vape which performs well all through the day.

Overall, the Penguin is something which has been designed well and does a great job of being a smaller vaping device which would be good for pretty much anyone to use in a social setting or just as a device on the go. The more modest construction and design belies a powerful vaping device which works reliably from start to finish, and this is further complemented by the unique mod system which removes the need to buy a new mod to put on the device constantly. If you’re interested in this vaping device, then Infinite Vapour has it in range, as well as a selection of different e-liquids and accessories to go with it.