No Disposable Vape at Glastonbury

Glastonbury is rapidly approaching, and festival goers everywhere are getting ready for one of the biggest and most popular gatherings in the world. This year Glastonbury has issued some new rules on disposable Vapes, and we want to make sure that all of our customers are aware of what they can and cannot take with them.

On the No-Fly List

For the first time, disposable vapes have been added to the ‘what not to bring’ section, found on the guidance list on Glastonbury’s official website. The reasoning behind this and other band items is environmental and also because they are not considered safe at waste centres as they may contain hazardous materials. It is certainly not the first time that Glastonbury has introduced rules and regulations that are designed to encourage sustainability and environmental protection.

Leave Them at Home

Other items to be banned include disposable wet wipes, including those manufactured as biodegradable, because apparently, they cause issues involving microplastics, creating pollutants to the environment. In the past, revellers found with banned items would have them confiscated and binned. The list does not seem to exclude refillable vaping setups, so potentially, the best thing to do is to bag yourself one of these. You don’t have to spend a fortune, and we have some pretty excellent deals on the site. As long as they aren’t classed as disposable, you should be good to go.

Epic Set List

If you are lucky enough to have tickets for Glastonbury, then you will know what an epic Setlist we have this year; Guns N’ Roses, Arctic Monkeys and Sir Elton John are all headlining. The festival starts on the 21st of June and includes other huge acts such as Christine and the Queens, Lana Del Rey, Fatboy Slim, Lewis Capaldi, Manic Street Preachers, Lizzo, and an unknown, mysterious act who has yet to be revealed that is going to be on the pyramid stage in a prime-time slot. There is certainly a lot of buzz around the announcement, but nobody is quite sure when it will be made. Super fans of Foo Fighters are pretty confident that it might be their favourite band, given that Dave Grohl has been posting on social media with some somewhat cryptic posts, including the word ‘churning up’. This, of course, is in reference to the fact that Glastonbury is known for its rain and mud, and all of the fields get churned up with the partygoers and the number of vehicles on site.

Respect the Rules

We assumed that most people who enjoy a disposable vape are not going to be fans of this new ruling. However, the festival is such an excellent event, and anyone attending will be making memories that will last a lifetime. With litter being a massive problem at the end of every festival, it does make sense to deal with it and ensure that all rubbish is taken away and correctly behind and things are not left behind for other people to deal with.