4 Vaping Etiquette Rules

Do you know where you can vape and why you can’t vape? It’s fair to say that vaping etiquette is a little unclear, and the rules about where and when you can vape do seem to be quite vague, and most people are unsure. It’s also fair to say that quite a lot of rules are made up by non-vapours because they simply don’t like the idea. So, we thought it was a good time to go over the vaping etiquette rules, or maybe more suggestions, really, as we see them. They should mean that you can vape in peace without upsetting people and getting moaned at.


  1. Common Sense Rules!

The general consensus seems to be that you shouldn’t whip out the vape if you are in an area that wouldn’t tolerate smoking. However, that isn’t true for all places. There are pubs and other venues that are quite happy for vapours to use their vapes while they are customers. It’s always nice to know that we aren’t unwelcome everywhere, but common sense should always prevail, as you don’t want to upset people who don’t vape. The best bet is, if you are unsure, ask; it’s respectful, so just remember that if the answer is no, cool and walk away with a smile. You are representing the community and helping people realise that we are lovely.

  1. Don’t judge!

When interacting with other vapers, it’s important that you don’t be judgemental about their choices. There are many different vapers out there, including those who use disposable Vapes and those who have a huge kit and set-up. There’s a lot going on when people make their decision about what type of vape to use, so if you hate disposables, keep your mouth shut! It’s not your decision, what someone else chooses to write, but if you get into a friendly conversation and offer genuine advice, people respond much better than someone preaching at them.

  1. Keep Your Clouds to Yourself

Picture the scene you’ve bumped into some friends on the High Street, and during the course of standing around chatting, you decide to have a cheeky vape. That’s all well and good, but just be sure that you do not blow clouds of smoke into someone’s face. It doesn’t matter if they are a vaper or a non-vaper; nobody wants clouds of smoke blown in their face. Turn your head and blow your cloud away or even down at the floor, but just keep it out of other people’s faces.

  1. Engage with Education

Haters are going to hate! No matter what you do in life, you will always come across people who disagree with your decisions. But something like vaping is very open and prone to being challenged. Whether it’s a smoker who doesn’t believe that vaping is worthwhile or a non-vapour who has an issue with both vaping and smoking, it’s important that you remain calm. Being able to educate them rather than arguing is a much better way to proceed; there’s no need to lose your temper.