Now, we’re pretty open to what goes on inside the world of New York – after all, a lot of their trends and habits are picked up over here and all around the globe. America, in general, has a pretty good attitude to vaping, most of the time. However, sometimes they come out with ideas which make us stop and wonder, and this is just one of those instances.

So, What’s Going On?

Well, it may interest you to know that vaping has come under fire yet again in New York City, but there’s a lot of questions as to why.

The government has begun to try and implement a ban on flavouring of e-liquids and also taxation on them, but at the same time is embracing cannabis as being a safe product. They’re talking about legalising pot and making it a recreational drug.

This is made all the more interesting when we consider who is leading the charge on this particular movement. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who was two years ago a leading objector against cannabis, citing it as being a gateway drug. It’s interesting to see how people do an about-face, but right now he’s part of the problem being faced by vaping.

What Impact Will This Have?

Here at Infinite Vapour, we like to consider the impacts of the news we hear about because it can all have a pretty significant bearing. For example, in this case, there could be a lot of problems for the American vaping community. Consider it like this – if there are a flavour ban and a tax put in place, no one’s going to buy flavoured vapes anymore. And for a lot of people, that’s a big part of the appeal of vaping.

While we understand that the ban on flavoured vaping liquids is to try and curb what is seen as a rising level of teenage vaping, you also forget that there are adults who like the flavours too! If you attempt to ban these flavours or tax them, you deny people their enjoyment, and for many people vaping is a crucial tool in quitting smoking for example.

Naturally, none of what we see or experience here is any good at all, and instead drives home the idea that there’s a lot of reasons why people shouldn’t bother with vaping. We want people to take the time to experiment with their devices and enjoy vaping as much as they can, but that is difficult to do when you’re struggling to make sure that there’s even a full range of options available. We in the U.K have no tax or ban on vaping flavours, so if you’re looking for those or a new kit or mod, Infinite Vapour can help. We offer a broad selection of different products designed to help you get as much as possible out of your vaping experience. Please feel free to have a look around the site and find something which will satisfy you.