Take a look at these five popular e cigarette choices. They are all from manufacturers who are well known for quality and value for money. Whether you’re an experienced vaper or a beginner, you’re bound to find an electronic cigarette that appeals to you.

Kanger Subox Mini Kit

This is the vape experience that veterans just love and if you’re a beginner you’ll love it too. The subtank enables vapers to switch between the newly designed organic cotton coil heads for a sub ohm experience or, use the re-buildable atomizer head, along with its air flow control. It’s compact, light and stylish in black or white. The kit contains everything you need apart from the battery. We’ll supply a free 10ml of an e-liquid of your choice, so once the batteries are installed, you’re ready to go. It’s on sale at £53.99 and you can check it out here.

Joyetech eGo One VT

This vaping device has a variable temperature feature, hence the VT in the name. It’s simple to use and this has made it a favourite with beginner vapers. It is easy to clean, fill and maintain and is extremely compact and easy to carry around. It comes in either steel or black. The kit contains everything you need, apart from batteries. A free e-juice of your choice is also included. It’s a robust device and although Joyetech have them for sale at £60 plus delivery, you can get this e-cigarette kit from us at the bargain price of £54.95, plus free delivery.  Read more about it here.

Kanger Nebox Kit 60W

This is the new all in one design from Kanger and it has become a popular device for experience vapers and beginners alike. It has newly shaped stainless steel vertical coils (SSOCC) and a temperature mode feature. It is surprisingly compact and lightweight with a huge 10ml tank capacity, which is perfect for filling up with the free 10ml e-juice we supply with all our e-cigarettes. It is available in four colours and the kit contains everything apart from the battery, and is on sale at the moment at £52.95. Have a better look here.

Joyetch eGrip OLED 30w

This compact electronic cigarette has a LED display screen, so that you can see exactly how much battery power you have left. It is perfect for beginners and veterans alike. Its built-in 3.6ml tank makes it easy to carry round and store away. It has a good reputation for performance and it comes in a variety of colours. Hurry, it’s on sale at £48.50 and we will give you a free 10ml e-liquid of your choice too. Have a look at it here.

Kanger Subvod Kit

This is a new electronic cigarette kit from Kangertech with a 3.2ml tank. It is set to become a firm favourite for veterans and beginners due to its sub-ohm vaping potential. It’s got a new stainless steel organic cotton coil head (SSOCC) and a 1300mah battery which make this a powerful device. If you want to read more. See it here. We’ve got it on sale at £27.95 with free delivery and a free 10ml e-liquid of your choice.