Good Reasons to Vape

You’ve probably heard all the conversations about quitting smoking by switching to vaping. But have you heard of all the benefits? There are actually more than you may know, so let’s take a look at some of the top benefits.

  1. Vaping Costs a Less

Your wallet will thank you if you stop smoking and change to vaping—the average cost of cigarettes in the UK is around £12.84 for 12, that is over a pound a smoke, and the cost is set to increase. Vaping works out a lot cheaper, even if you choose disposable Vapes, which are available for around £5 and last around a week. So, you’re already saving money, even if you only smoke 12 cigarettes in seven days. Those who smoke more are potentially going to save even more of their hard-earned cash.

  1. Vaping is Better for Teeth

Smoking cigarettes generally leads to yellow stains on your teeth. It’s not the best look, to be honest, and smokers are often bothered by the fact that their teeth appear permanently stained. The staining does come from the nicotine, but if you choose vaping to get your nicotine hit, you will notice that there is reduced staining on your teeth. Cigarette smokers who choose to whiten their teeth are at risk of damaging the enamel, which actually creates a bigger problem down the line and leads to worse staining.

  1. More Control Over Nicotine

What are the reasons a lot of people struggle to stop smoking is the addictive nature of nicotine. You crave nicotine; therefore, you smoke cigarettes. The only way to stop is to cut down on the number of cigarettes you smoke, but this does nothing to reduce the craving. Vaping gives you control over the amount of nicotine you consume, and you can slowly but surely reduce the amount of nicotine in your E-liquid even if you feel the need to puff on your device as many times as you would have a cigarette. Many people who vape have managed to get down to 0% nicotine and just enjoy the taste of the various flavours on offer instead.

  1. Safer for Those Around You

Most people are also aware of the damage that second-hand smoke can do. Many people who cohabit with partners and children choose to go outside to smoke in order to help protect them. But in the wind and rain, this can be no fun at all. Vape clouds are much more innocent. There is no evidence that inhaling second-hand vape smoke will cause health issues. It could irritate someone with a breathing condition, but generally, if you smoke in your home or car, switching to vaping is the best way to help protect those around you.

  1. It Smells Better

Finally, vape clouds smell a lot better than stale second-hand cigarette smoke. There’s nothing worse than purchasing a second-hand item to discover that the seller was a heavy smoker. Once the smell of smoke has gotten into fabric and other materials, it is tough to shift. If you smoke in the house, it damages and stains ceilings and other internal paintwork.