Don’t Ban Disposable Vapes – We Need to Band Together

Disposable vapes have come under heavy fire recently and it’s been a disappointing sight to see. Local authorities and concerned groups are calling for disposable devices to be banned across the UK and we feel this is not the solution to the problem.

Ultimately, we’d like to advocate for a different solution – one which puts a greater emphasis on new rules, regulations and focuses more on tackling the problems with disposable vapes. It’s a nuanced problem and we know that trying to solve it requires a fairly deep insight, which is what we intend to provide.

Rules and Regulations Need an Overhaul

When it comes to the world of disposable vape devices, you have to appreciate that it’s not as simple as outright banning them to solve the problem. These devices are very useful for a lot of different people, and they are some of our best selling items which really attests to how valuable they can be.

For a lot of people, disposable vape devices are there to help them avoid the temptation of smoking normal cigarettes. The journey to quitting this type of addiction is long and complicated, so having as many resources as possible is very important.

Focusing on Changing the Culture

We think the way forward with things like disposable vape devices is improving the culture that surrounds them in order to effectively change the way people look at what we provide. There is a culture right now of young people using disposable vape devices as a way of smoking when they shouldn’t. That culture is the biggest roadblock to public acceptance, and it’s completely understandable. Unfortunately, there are members of society who are letting us down by either selling these products to underage customers or purchasing them to give to a minor.

There needs to be a crackdown on this particularly, because it’s definitely the biggest hurdle that we face. It’s unrealistic to assume that this kind of thing will stop entirely, because there will always be people who break rules, but more strict sanctions like fines or maybe a blacklisting policy will definitely help to deter a large number of people.

Banning disposable products entirely is definitely not the solution. It’s more likely to alienate a large chunk of the smoking community, many of whom will feel that this is going to get in the way of their vaping habits. You’ll be tampering with the progress of a lot of people, so it’s definitely not something we can recommend.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, we can’t stress enough how important it is for people to try and help change the narrative regarding disposable vape devices because they need to be protected from the risk of bans.

Destroying an integral part of the vaping community isn’t the solution to the problem that people think it is, which is why it’s important that we try and find a better solution. With enough time and thought, it should be possible to create an experience which is suitable for everybody. Meanwhile, Infinite Vapour will continue to offer products for everyone.