Hemp and CBD products have been, for the longest time, considered to be a controversial topic which has many people divided on whether it should be legalised or outlawed entirely. For America, the debate is over, as the FDA has begun to crack down on Hemp and CBD items, both of which can be smoked via an electronic cigarette. We’re going to be examining these new policies, and seeing how they might affect vaping in the USA.

FDA Approved Hemp?

The Farm Bill has been passed in America, and what it does is take industrial hemp off of the Controlled Substances Act. For the first time since 1937, hemp-based products can now be produced on a large scale and legally.

However, it is not a cause for celebration just yet. While the changes have meant that there will be an increased production of the substance, it will now be FDA approved. Anything which is made with cannabidiol will be maintained and controlled. Furthermore, the compounds which contain cannabis will remain illegal until such a time as they approved by the agency, so the restrictions do in essence, continue.

What Does This Mean for Vaping?

In the past, you could smoke hemp and CBD-based products without any real regulation. However, if there are going to be crackdowns and controls placed on hemp, it could well mark a period of problems for the community. We’ve already seen that vaping can be a touchy and contested subject – because of the rise of documented underage vaping, we’ve seen a surge in people who want vaping banned and taken out of the public eye, or at the very least have harsher sanctions imposed.

Unfortunately, this all boils down to bad news for the community at large. We’re well used to dealing with bad press, but this is different. These regulations could seriously be damaging to vaping, and how it’s viewed in America because some will only vape because they have access to hemp-based e-liquids, which as many know, can be a natural and powerful form of pain relief. If the focus was turned to vaping as a whole, it could be bad.

We don’t want or need the FDA breathing down our backs because the result will not be favourable. Vaping can do a lot of good for a lot of people, but unless there’s less pressure exerted on the community and the industry as a whole, we can’t move in any great direction to convince people of this fact.

To summarise, the new regulations laid out by people who are trying to control how hemp and CBD based products are sold can be damaging for vaping, and it could be a problem later on. We need to keep pushing vaping for being a force for good and to work against the various groups who would see it shut down. If you’re looking for vaping supplies here in the UK, then Infinite Vapour can help. We have a range of different options for you to consider, from kits to mods to e-liquids. There’s something here which can satisfy any taste or preference, and we encourage you to have a look around.