Electronic cigarettes have long been regarded as either being very good for you or very bad. The debate among the public has been long and without end – people can successfully argue both points without any kind of deciding factor. However, every so often the vaping community is blessed with something which will improve our chances of successfully convincing others of the benefits. In this instance, that something comes in the form of a news article on the BBC.

What’s Going On?

There’s been an article published recently that’s really tipped the scales in our favour. In this piece by the BBC, we’re getting support from MP’s. Their report suggests that the rules surrounding vape devices need to be relaxed to allow them to be used on buses. Can you believe that? It’s not a move that we ever thought would happen. It’s nice that we’ve gotten support from people who have some sway in government, but even we didn’t expect this.

So What Have MP’s Decided? 

In their report, MP’s have actually asked for a lot of different things. They want a much more flexible approach to vaping which ultimately works out for us. They want to make the laws easier for selling vapes, a debate to allow vaping into buses, and even the using of vaping devices as medical tools. This is huge, as you can probably tell.

But why is it huge? Well the answer is ultimately simple. We’ve never had support like this before. Sure, there’s been influential figures who have stood up and defended vaping, but never on this scale. It’s astounding that MP’s have started to see the benefits of vaping for people on a daily basis. We’ve always known for many years that vaping has been a very popular concept for smokers to connect with. We understand how vaping has been able to help people, and how it has changed the way that we look at cigarettes. They’re very useful for people who don’t want that carbon monoxide and tar in their smoking. It’s clear that we’re beginning to move past the damaging and detrimental health effects that we’ve been dealing with for so long. And now that we’ve got this support from the MP’s, it’s a good sign that we’re starting to see a change. It is going to be a sign that we’re hopefully going to see vaping on a bigger scale, and that the normal cigarettes are being phased out.

Overall, this change has been a wonderful thing to see, and we’re thrilled that we’ve gotten support from MP’s. We can only hope that the vaping laws do relax and that we can be more free with our vaping. If you’re looking for vaping supplies, then Infinite Vapour can help. We have a range of different options for you to choose from, offering you a unique selection of different kits, mods, accessories and options. There’s all kinds of different options available, and there’s something we can provide that will hopefully suit any taste and preference.