If there’s one thing that most vapers do in fact fear, it is the dreaded spitback. It can be a real pain to deal with, but not everyone is entirely sure both how it actually occurs and how it is then dealt with. To try and help with this, we’re taking a look at what actually causes the spitback in the first place, and then how you can avoid it happening to begin with.


So, what actually is spitback? 

To begin with, let’s take a look at what spitback actually is. Spitback is the name given to drops of e-liquid which gather inside the very tip of the vaping device. When the coil heats up the liquid to immensely high levels, the liquid is propelled at speed from the tip, and in the worst possible instance goes into the mouth of the person using it. This can be incredibly painful, as the liquid is at boiling temperatures most of the time.


Wait, how do I avoid it then? 

This may leave some people wondering exactly how they avoid the spitback. In order to know that, you need to know why the spitback occurs. The phenomenon is caused by e-liquids which collect inside the vaping device, as you well know. So one way to avoid is to simply clean out the e-cigarette properly on a regular basis. Another good way to ensure that spitback does not occur is to increase the wattage on your electronic cigarette. This decreases the chances of the e-liquids collecting because it does a more thorough job of frying the e-liquid and thus gives you more vapour and less potential spitback.


Alternatively, if you activate the e-cigarette for a few seconds before you use it, you’ll burn off any traces of liquid. The indicator that liquid is still there is a popping noise, which is actually the vaping juice being burnt off. When the device sounds and performs as normal, you’re back to not being at risk of spitback when you use the vaping device. Alternatively, try and avoid sucking on the tip with too much vigour, as you’re then increasing the risk of inhaling boiling e-liquid into your mouth. As well as this, checking your coils regularly for e-liquid building up is always a good idea, as you can clean the liquid off before it becomes an issue.


Overall, these are just a few of the ways that you can prevent spitback from being a problem with your electronic cigarette. It just comes down to a little bit of care and regular maintenance at the end of the day, as with most technology you can find problems will develop if you either treat it badly or wear it out quickly. If you’re concerned about spitback, then by all means open up your device and check the coils and the whole system, and then if there is a problem you can clean it out and prevent yourself from getting a nasty burn from the device in later use.