Smoking is something which has been scientifically proven to be damaging to your health, bringing forth issues such as decreased lung capacity, and the potential for more damaging and fatal conditions such as lung cancer. However, the vaping community is proud of the fact that using an electronic cigarette as a substitute for a regular cigarette is, on the whole, a much healthier alternative and has fewer, if any, health concerns attached to it. But does switching to electronic cigarettes make you a healthier individual, restoring the body to a less diminished state?


What health issues does smoking regular cigarettes create?


To understand if switching to electronic cigarettes does, in fact, make the body healthier, we must first know what health concerns are generated by using regular cigarettes, to begin with. Normal cigarettes contain significant quantities of tar and carbon monoxide in their composition. The tar can sit on your lungs, and reduce your ability to breathe properly, which then makes you more at risk of cancerous cells developing and creating lung cancer. Carbon monoxide will also be a contributing factor to the development of harmful diseases and lung associated problems, as the entire gas is toxic to the human body, and can be fatal following exposure to large amounts. This means that by smoking regular cigarettes, you are exposing your lungs to a variety of dangerous diseases. As well as this, cigarettes also contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance and thus can be quite dangerous for you.


So does that mean that smoking an electronic cigarette will make the body healthier?


Opting to use a vaping device instead of using a regular cigarette has health benefits which can not be ignored. The vaping liquids and the device itself are much safer, containing none of the harmful chemicals that are in normal cigarettes except for nicotine, which is optional for many types of e-liquids, leaving you with just the flavouring instead. Electronic cigarettes create vapour instead of smoke, which means there is no tar or carbon monoxide present, which is safer for both the person using the device and anyone who happens to be standing near them and would usually be inhaling second-hand smoke without realising. As well as this, the body will automatically begin to repair itself. Because some harmful chemicals that go into the body have been significantly reduced if not stopped altogether, the body will automatically start to detoxify, and remove all the toxic substances from the lungs as much as possible, and regenerate any cells that have been damaged by the smoke and the carbon monoxide.


People who switched to an electronic cigarette have often reported it is now easier to breathe because there is much less strain on the lungs. As well as this, better sleeping patterns and an increased and more normal appetite were also reported, which is evidence that vaping allows the body to return to a more normal state of operating, and gives it time to repair itself following the trauma dealt with it via smoking regular cigarettes.


Overall, there is real evidence which suggests that switching to an electronic cigarette will make your body healthier. The vaping isn’t anywhere near as problematic and dangerous for the system as regular smoking is, and so the body is given the chance to repair the damages caused and return to a much more normal state, with an increased airflow, better sleeping patterns and a more average appetite being among some of the health benefits. As well as this, there is no carbon monoxide or tar present which would usually lead to more terminal conditions such as lung cancer.