Cigarettes are a problem in modern society. As a habit, they’re a leftover tradition from an era which didn’t understand or have much consideration for the harm they could cause.

However, we’re pleased to be able to report that vaping, as a practice, is at it’s lowest levels right now. While no one has explicitly said vaping is responsible, we’re going to look at just a few things which may discreetly point to our community as being one of the significant factors. 

Cigarette Smoking – A Thing Of The Past

The number of people in the U.S who smoked on a regular basis dropped to 14% in 2017. That’s the lowest the number has ever been. Now, when something involving smoking of any kind starts in America, it usually gets picked up by other countries – take a look at Juuling.

There’s been no mention of vaping as one of the reasons why the number has reduced so much, but it isn’t a stretch to imagine. Vaping’s done a lot for people all across the world, and it has become a trendy thing to do in recent times. When you consider all of the different health benefits, and couple them with the fact that vaping is ever expanding regarding availability and flavouring, and you can see why we’re confident that vaping had something to do with it. 

What Could This Mean? 

This drop in smoking can suggest any number of different things. Firstly, that this is the beginning of a world where cigarettes are put down and forgotten; a world where people aren’t content to ruin their bodies anymore.

Alternatively, it means that vaping is on the rise. That’s personally the option we prefer. We’re convinced that vaping is something which is going to keep doing well. People in the community know that progress is being made. More and more people are seeing that vaping is the way forward and they’re trying it. We’re convincing the world that we’re a safe and healthy alternative to smoking, and it’s working. Look around you on the street – how many vaping devices do you see? How many shops dedicated to selling vaping goods? There are more around now than a year ago. That’s growth and expansion, and that’s something which is hard to deny.

Overall, it is pleasing to see that so many people are going to be on board with the idea of vaping, and also that the levels of smokers are dropping. These people often need to find something else to smoke, which is entirely understandable, and so they’ve probably come over to vaping because it’s just so popular. If you’re looking for vaping supplies, and need to be able to get some, Infinite Vapour can help you. We have a range of different mods, kits, e-liquids, and other equipment you’ll need to be able to enjoy a wide selection of different options. We’re confident that there’s something contained within our selection for everyone.