There’s no doubt that when it comes to vaping trends and developments, America is one of the frontrunners. Whatever they do, they set a precedent for other countries, including the UK. They’re big enough that when something vaping related happens, we have to stop and pay attention.

That’s why we’re very interested and disappointed to learn that America is being hit with some much harder crackdowns on vaping than before. The FDA is really coming down on the vaping community, and we’re going to find out what the latest policies are.

The Planned Restrictions

Vaping in America is set to see some changes, and they aren’t necessarily good ones. Spurred on by the facts which suggest that 27.7% of high schoolers in America are using vaping devices for 2/3 of the month, the FDA is cracking down on flavourings.

Soon, you’ll only be able to get access to flavoured vapes in adult-only locations, and there’ll be much more close monitoring over who has access to what. This means that if you want to be able to sell products which have flavourings in America, you’ll have to keep minors out of the shop.

Additionally, there’s going to be an increased level of monitoring with regards to the use of menthol and mint products in the youth of America. The FDA has warned that they may need to adjust their policies over time, but this has the potential to lift some of the restrictions IF fewer minors are found to be vaping.

The Summary

These are just a handful of the sanctions which are being imposed on vaping on a daily basis. This is all quite concerning, and it suggests that people aren’t doing enough to prevent minors from buying e-cigarettes. The laws are quite clear over here in the UK, and we couldn’t knowingly sell to underage people with a good conscience anyway.

We need to do more to try and make vaping safe and accepted. Children should never have access to vaping devices – and no retailer should consider selling them. These bans, coupled with the soon to be released report on underage vaping, will only serve to damage our reputation.

Remember, vaping can be a force for good. We all know it can, but many would seek to undermine that truth. And they can not be allowed to get away with that. We need to work harder to promote a community where people know it’s not okay to sell to kids.