Why Vaping is Better than Smoking Cigarettes

Vaping is considered a much healthier alternative to smoking, with medical professionals in agreement that they would prefer people vape rather than smoke. The chemicals in tobacco can cause plenty of horrible health problems, so if you’re thinking of switching over, here’s a quick rundown as to why vaping trumps smoking every time.

Safety First

Nicotine is carcinogenic, and that’s sadly a fact, so by exposing yourself to nicotine, you are potentially risking cancer. Although vapes do come with nicotine, they are a great way of being able to control and reduce the amount until you are just vaping E liquids which are much safer. Add to this the fact that cigarettes have carbon monoxide and tar. It’s pretty easy to see why they are considered harmfulto health.

Not only that but when you exhale from cigarette smoke, you release into the air damage is the planet and other non-smokers that you may care about. Passive smoking has led to cancer that is just as serious as those suffered by smokers, so if you are smoking near other people, you do run the risk of damaging their health. Vape clouds are considered very safe. If anyone else breathes them in, they are not going to be doing any damage to their lungs.

Small and Discreet?

Vaping is also considered to be more discrete than smoking, and with advancing technology, some of the vape devices are incredibly small. It’s just one single device rather than having to carry cigarettes and lighter or filters and paper, making it much less likely that you will forget something and leave it at home. You can simply tuck a vape into a pocket and be on your way. Whether you have a refillable vape or a disposable vape, they are pretty small and portable.

It’s Pretty Affordable

With the cost of living constantly spiralling, people are having to rethink their spending habits, and cigarettes are particularly expensive at the moment. So trying to keep up with a smoking habit can get really costly, but vapes are much cheaper. Even disposable Vapes last longer than a single packet of cigarettes, but with refillable vapes on offer as well, you can really save a lot of money if you switch from smoking cigarettes to enjoying vaping.

Of course, the other benefit of vaping is that you can take advantage of the many great flavours, from fruits to menthol and many others.

Of course, we might be slightly biased, but we think the advantages of switching a traditional cigarette for a vape are really important. Of course, we all want to stay healthy, and nobody wants to get a disease, but we understand that the feel of a cigarette in your hand and the clouds of smoke you produce are just what some people do to enjoy life. This can easily be replicated by vaping, and the E liquids that they use do not have the same damaging effects on health, so why not make the change today?