Why Does Vaping Help Smokers Quit Smoking?

We all know that vaping has numerous benefits – improved health, safe access to nicotine, no harmful chemicals – but what makes it such a valuable tool for smokers?

Well, it’s got a lot to do with the way that heavy smokers, specifically the committed ones, view their habit. Ultimately, vaping is useful because it helps to address one of the core challenges presented by quitting.

We want to talk a bit more about this, so let’s explore the topic together. We have a theory about why electronic cigarettes can help people who want to quit smoking, and we are ready to share it with you.

The Psychology of Smoking

What a lot of people probably don’t understand about smoking is that not only are there physical issues to face, but there are also problems that develop psychologically.

For the purposes of this topic, imagine that you’ve got a heavy smoker. They are someone who’s been smoking for 10 years, and they are heavily committed to what they do at this point.

Psychologically speaking, they have developed a reliance on cigarettes. It’s not just about the nicotine, although that is a factor in why people continue to smoke harmful cigarettes, but also there’s a psychological need to smoke.

It manifests as a compulsion to smoke something, or just a need to have something in your hands, and these challenges can be really difficult to work around.

How Vaping Helps

So, when we look at vaping, you can start to see why these devices can help. The thing about an electronic cigarette is that it addresses all of the psychological challenges of normal cigarettes, but provides safe access to nicotine at the same time.

Not only do you have a way to smoke a cigarette without the risk factor of carbon monoxide or cancer-causing chemicals, but you’ve also got the challenge of having to do something with your hands as well.

It’s important that we address the psychological challenges of smoking if we’re going to effectively combat the addiction that many people face. Like any addiction, nicotine influences your behaviour and personality.

Now, a nicotine addiction is not a deplorable sin, by any means, but the delivery system of a cigarette is toxic to the body. When we bring electronic cigarettes into the equation, we overcome the psychological challenges, and create a more sustainable way to smoke.

You’ve taken away the thing that is killing the person, which means that they are free to enjoy their nicotine without putting themselves and other people at risk.

Final Thoughts

So, ultimately, the thing that you have to consider about electronic cigarettes is that they can be a great way to smoke without exposing yourself to toxic chemicals. The big problem that a lot of smokers have is the psychological compulsion to occupy their fingers and also to smoke something. Infinite Vapour is more than happy to provide a broad range of kits, mods, accessories and e-liquids to help facilitate this.