What’s With all the Bad Vaping Press Right Now?

So, when it comes to electronic cigarettes and their various uses, we all know that vaping is a good idea. However, why are so many people getting upset about it right now?

Everywhere you look in the news nowadays, it seems like there’s a negative story associated with vaping, and that’s pretty unfortunate. Ultimately, it’s just down to the natural progression of the industry and the fact that we’re getting more significant. Confused? Don’t worry, we’ll explain.

We’re Growing… 

The big problem with electronic cigarettes is that we’re getting more prominent now. The government has plans to create a smoke-free world by 2030, and this is good in practice. If we remove conventional cigarettes from the equation entirely by that point, then the world will be a healthier place. 

However, it does mean that vaping devices are coming to fill the gap. As a result, we are starting to blow up in a way that hasn’t been seen before.

… And Growth Equals Problems 

The big issue, the thing that people are reluctant to try and tackle, is the fact that when you grow and you do your best to expand, problems start to develop.

Because more people are using our devices than ever before, the number of people who are using them in the wrong way or overusing them will grow. This results in a collection of horror stories on the news for people who have serious health issues due to smoking an electronic cigarette past the point of responsible usage. 

Think about alcohol for a second. When you drink alcohol, a regulated system tells you how much alcohol you’re consuming. There are recognised standards for what it is safe to have in a day, and people who regularly drink more than that put themselves at risk of health conditions. 

Ultimately, this is just the same for electronic cigarettes. If you use it too much, too regularly, then you’re probably going to put yourself at risk of health-related issues. It would be the same with anything that is directly inhaled into the lungs like e-cigs are.

The big brands produce the devices, and we sell them, but neither of us is responsible for what people do with them once they have them. Ultimately, there may be space for new guidelines which highlight how to use the devices safely, but we would encourage that anyway.

Final Thoughts

So, this is just a long way of saying that we understand there are more stories in the news about vaping and the problems that it can apparently cause. However, we would also advise that people take this with a grain of salt and look into the details.  

Many of these news stories are about people who had pre-existing health conditions or used their devices recklessly. This is not how you’re meant to smoke e-cigs at all. Infinite Vapour has a range of products for anyone looking to get new devices, kits, mods, accessories and e-liquids.