Vaping, Holidays and You – Safe Travels With E-Cigs

2022 is going to be a good year because we can travel again. Many parts of the world are beginning to open their doors to visitors because COVID-19 is becoming manageable. For new vapers, this means a lot of travel opportunities.

However, if you’re a brand-new vape enthusiast, you may not know how vaping factors into travel. There are rules to follow and essential facts to know if you want to be safe. To make sure you’re up to speed, we’ve put together a guide.

Vapes and Airports

There are a handful of rules to follow when it comes to vape devices and the airport.

You can only pack your device in the carry-on luggage. You can’t keep a vape device in the hold – it presents a safety risk.

E-liquids are also part of your hand luggage. These can only be a maximum of 100ml per bottle. You can take batteries, but these also belong in your hand luggage.

Standard vaping travel etiquette dictates that you disassemble your device, put each component into individual ziplock bags, and stow them in hand luggage. You can’t vape on the plane, so it’s not a great loss to disassemble beforehand.

Vaping and Travel Abroad

When it comes to trying to travel, it’s important to acknowledge that there are places where you can’t take your device.

It’s not a major problem, but it does mean that you need to do your research before you travel. Some places in the world completely outlaw vapes and will arrest you on sight, and others accept vaping under certain conditions.

If you’re going to be safe, you need to look into the laws and customs of a country before you travel. There are a handful of places where vaping is out and out banned, and we’ve decided to list a few:





Brunei Darussalam



Costa Rica






As you can see, these are just a few areas where you can’t take an e-cig. Punishments for doing so range from a fine to imprisonment. And if you are punished, you’re under the jurisdiction of the legal system of whatever country you happen to be in at the time.

There aren’t masses that can be done to help you, so you’ll need to approach things with care.

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, there are definitely rules and regulations to follow when it comes to using e-cigs when you go abroad. It’s definitely important to make sure that you do research before flying. It doesn’t matter how new you are to vaping; you’ll be punished just the same.

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