Vaping Globally – What Steps Need to be Taken?

 Vaping is one of those things with a lot of appeal here in the UK, which is nice to see. However, if you step outside of England and head to many other places in the world, vaping is illegal. Even just having a vape device can land you some pretty serious prison time.

Why is this the case? What is it that we can do to make sure that people who want to vape across the world can do so? What steps need to be taken to remove the problem of the device being criminalised in countries worldwide? Let’s take a look.

Why is Vaping Illegal?

Depending on where you go, vaping is illegal. Why is this the case? Well, it’s got something to do with the global influence that regular cigarettes have.

 The big problem is the intense dislike of “imitation tobacco products”. That’s the official umbrella term the electronic cigarettes are classified under. Essentially, any product which replicates regular cigarettes is considered to be a problem.

 Lots of health experts point to underage vaping as a reason why the products are banned. Despite the best efforts of authorities to create laws that protect young people, there is still a concerning number of underage vape users in countries all across the world.

What Needs to Happen?

 It’s hard to pinpoint what needs to happen to decriminalise vaping products across the world. However, we have a few suggestions.

 Vape companies need to start changing their branding. Part of the appeal the e-cigs have to younger people is the bright colouring on the packaging and the branding, which is intentionally marketed to be fun and quirky.

 We’re not suggesting that you should altogether remove the fun element of your brand, but maybe try marketing it as being more adult, with proper warnings about age and more emphasis on the strictly mature nature of the product.

 Something else we need, which we have said for a long time, is stricter laws surrounding electronic cigarettes. We have always supported tightening the restrictions, being harsher in terms of regulating who can buy the products and who can’t, and it’s something that we are keen to see. There need to be more sanctions for people who try to circumvent the laws and much more regulation regarding who can buy these products and who can sell them.

Final Thoughts  

Ultimately, we believe that vaping can be a global trend, but we have to acknowledge the current shortcomings of the system. Loose regulations involving buying and selling these products, along with much more kid-friendly packaging, don’t help the situation. We can be an alternative to cigarettes without appealing to young people, and it’s essential to recognise that distinction.

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