Vaping – Do We Need Nicotine?

Vaping is getting bigger every day. We are seeing it grow in popularity across all age groups – the older, traditional smokers and the new adults – and there’s an interesting debate at the moment. Do we need nicotine in our vape devices?

 The community varies on the answer. The younger members of the vaping family – the 18 – 21 age range – feel that a generation of “nicotine-free” vapes is the way forward. However, is this sentiment shared by all? Would we, as a community, benefit from no more nicotine? Let’s talk about it.

Why Do Vapes Have Nicotine? 

To understand whether or not we need nicotine in vapes, we need to understand why nicotine is in our e-liquids.

 Nicotine is the substance found in conventional cigarettes. It is a stimulant and is addictive – consuming nicotine and then trying to quit can have physiological and psychological consequences.

 Nicotine has been part of cigarettes for years – some believe it is part of a marketing tactic from a bygone era to get people to smoke. However, it is possible to add nicotine to vape devices, and many e-liquids possess the substance.

No More Nicotine?

 So, when it comes to nicotine, many people feel that it should not be in our electronic cigarettes. There is a growing consensus among the younger generation – specifically the 18 – 21 age group – who believe that ordinary vape devices don’t need nicotine in them to be enjoyable, and many argue that the nicotine is not part of the reason why they smoke.

 There are quite a few in the younger demographic who feel that we would benefit from what is, ultimately, a nicotine-free generation. The basic premise is that the younger folks will have a generation or so where nicotine is not part of the typical vaping experience, which will create a brand new culture where nicotine isn’t part of the vaping experience.

 The logic behind the argument is that enough young people don’t need nicotine. They think that if there are a few generations where nicotine is not sold prominently as part of the vape experience, young people will phase out the need for nicotine.

 It’s not the worst idea in the world, but there are a few things to consider. Vaping is a good way for many people to quit smoking because they can still get the nicotine, so it would need to be available. Second of all, a lot of the big brands sell products with nicotine in them, so they would still have to be able to produce them to maintain the brand itself.

Final Thoughts

 So, the need for nicotine-free smoking is admirable but not essential. If the younger generation wants to abstain from nicotine, that is a choice. We support that and wish younger vape lovers the best of luck with it, but some people need access to nicotine products to avoid returning to conventional cigarettes. Infinite Vapour has a range of e-liquids, which both contain nicotine and also come without it, so whatever you want, we have available.