Vaping has, unfortunately, been struck again in the news recently. Our public reputation does tend to fluctuate, but it has largely stayed positive for the last year or so. There’s been a few incidents that have made people stop and think about vaping and the harm it can do, which is why we’ve tried to promote a slightly more accurate version of those incidents. However, it seems that once again people are attempting to pick on vaping by targeting one of the complaints that really gets people upset – the children.

What’s Been Going On? 

Irritatingly, there’s been a report published by a major news organisation which seems to think that children are getting into smoking thanks to vaping, and using it as a gateway device. The report goes onto to say that there’s a chance that people might inadvertently become hooked on nicotine, which is a component found in both vaping devices and conventional cigarettes. The worry is that there’s a progression from one to the next. Children will start at vaping devices, and then move onto smoking when they’re older.

Frustrations, Irritations and Annoyance 

And just when we thought that people were finally starting to get the message. Unfortunately, we’re dealing with something which will inevitably promote shock. It’s one of those headlines which worries people because of children.

However, there are a few different things that we’d like to present to people. First of all, we don’t sell to minors. At all. Ever. It’s highly immoral and no vendor of vaping supplies worth anything will. Anyone who comes onto our site is required to state whether they are in fact over the age of 18.

Furthermore, we can only do so much to police vaping. If vaping devices are bought and then given to minors by irresponsible adults, that’s not something we can control. It’s the same issue being faced by alcohol, and drugs. People will get it one way or another, but people don’t consider that. As a community, we do whatever we can to prevent people from getting access to these kinds of things when they shouldn’t, but people need to understand that sole blame for any problems that arise from vaping can not be put onto the community. Shaming vaping and banning it isn’t the solution – people have to consider where the children are getting the devices from because it’s not us.

Overall, the article published regarding vaping and its appeal to children is not going to help the community keep a good option. However, we’re doing all that we can to prevent it from happening and encourage concerned parents to do the same. If you’re looking for vaping supplies and are of the correct age, then Infinite Vapour tries to provide you with a supply of mods, kits, accessories and e-liquids. There’s plenty around for people to choose from, and a wide selection broad enough to be able to satisfy and specific needs and requirements.