Vaping is something which is growing in popularity on a daily basis. More and more people are putting their misconceptions or distrust of the concept behind them, and accepting all of the health benefits which come from vaping. However, there is occasionally an event or an accident which can cause some negative press for the vaping community. We’re taking a look at the latest accident which has occurred, and also what you can do to stay safe while you vape.


So, what’s happened that has caused concern?


In the latest accident which has occurred as a result of people either not using their vaping devices safely, or instead just a set of coincidences, a man in Chicago was sent to hospital with burns on his legs and front area following his vaping device’s batteries exploding in his pocket as he walked around. The vaping device batteries were inside the same pocket as the gentlemen’s keys and spare change, and upon contact with these, the battery caused an explosion which left him with burns on his upper legs, which will require skin grafts. This happened because the metal objects connected the positive and negative poles of the batteries together, which caused the explosion.


Could this have been averted?


As with most types of accidents which occur with vaping devices or accessories, this tragedy could have been averted. It is entirely possible for people to maintain a level of safety and still vape with confidence. In the case of the gentleman who had his batteries explode in his pocket, making sure they’re in a separate pocket could have prevented the accident, or even placed a rubber guard between the batteries and the keys in order to prevent the risk of explosion.


So, how can I be safe when I vape?


As we’re on the subject of the safe transportation of the batteries for your vaping device, let’s take a look at what you can do to be safe when you vape. For starters, you can avoid overusing the vaping device on a regular basis. Repeated overuse can cause the entire kit to heat up and become hotter and hotter, and this can potentially lead to an explosion under certain conditions. As well as this, you should make sure that you regularly replace the parts of your vaping device which get used often, such as the cartomiser or the tips. These parts of the e-cigarette can become damaged over time, which can lead to an increased risk of damage to the cigarette or explosions. You should also try and regularly clean the e-cigarette as well, as so to prevent e-liquid which wasn’t vapourised building up and then burning as a result of being left.


Another way to stay safe during vaping is to limit the amount of nicotine you allow into the bloodstream. Exposure to too much nicotine can cause nausea and symptoms of nicotine poisoning, which can be unpleasant, but not fatal. As well as this, make sure you charge the vaping device in a way that is safe. Most batteries are only built to hold so much charge, so overcharging can lead to damage of both the battery and the charger, and overheating could cause an explosion which is possibly catastrophic if near an electrical outlet. When you do charge your device, make sure that you charge it in such a way that you can monitor it at all times, and to also use a charger which has been supplied with the e-cigarette, as knock off chargers can potentially burn and cause a fire.


Overall, the accident which caused damage to the gentlemen with his battery was in fact a great tragedy, but also something which could have been prevented. The issue is that this small isolated incident will now cause another backlash against the entire vaping community, most of whom are very careful with their vaping devices. Accidents do happen, and we’re not looking to assign blame here, or to suggest that the gentlemen in question was at fault, but please do remember to be careful with your vaping devices, as well as with any spare batteries and accessories. These kinds of things can be prevented with the proper care and attention when using the device. Make sure that you charge it safely, and that you try not to overuse the vaping device itself on a regular basis. Making sure you clean it consistently is also advised, as you can prevent the build of up of e-liquids which will just burn if they aren’t vapourised, and this can damage the device beyond repair. Vaping isn’t like regular smoking in many ways, because it does require more care and consideration when in use, which many feel is a small price to pay for the health benefits you get from it.