So we’re all sick of the wind, rain and misery. Who can relate? With that thought in mind, many people will be electing to take a few days strolling along an exotic beach somewhere, or sat by the pool of a luxury resort. So if you’re going on holidays soon, how do you take your vaping kit with you, ensuring you’re keeping yourself and everyone else safe?

Firstly, the general rules indicate that e-cigarettes should be treated similarly to regular cigarettes, to be stored in a carry-on and kept there for the duration of the flight. Of course, many might elect to vape in the airports, whilst waiting for flights. This isn’t recommended however, as all vape devices are now being treated like cigarettes in Great Britain, so you’ll need to find an alternative place to smoke, such as the designated smoking areas. It’s also recommended for international travellers to avoid indoor smoking areas which will be clouds of harmful cigarette smoke, the outside areas will be better for your lungs.

Secondly, all airlines are strict about e-cigarettes being brought onto airplane flights, with some banning the vaping pens completely. Heathrow airport has recently compiled a list of airlines where e-cigarettes are allowed aboard, so that’s definitely worth a read. The majority of airlines will only allow the equipment to be stored in carry-ons and not in the checked baggage, and it’s also worth bearing in mind that you won’t be allowed to charge an e-cigarette device aboard the airplane. Please also take into consideration you’re prohibited from smoking an e-cigarette in the airplane bathroom, and you’ll face the same penalties as a regular smoker. It’s been advised that nicotine patches or gums are used to control cravings during longer flights. As a final point, it’s imperative that you pack all e-liquids in a separate clear Ziploc bag and note that including vape kits in your checked bag is banned in the United States.

Finally, it’s important to research the legality of your electronic cigarette in the place you’re visiting. The laws will vary from country to country outside of Europe and North America, so it’s wise to consult the internet before heading out. But if you’re looking for supplies for a quick jaunt across the world, or you want something extra special to take on holiday with you, Infinite Vapour stocks a wide range of e-cigarettes and liquids to suit any taste and preference.