The Industry Grows – FDA Approves E-Cigs

 As some of you might be aware, the USA has always had a contentious relationship with e-cigs. Some places are fine to sell their vapes, others aren’t – and for the longest time, the FDA, which is a significant regulatory body in the States, refused to sign off on vapes officially.

However, this is changing; for the first time in vaping’s lifetime, the FDA has signed off on some products. It’s the beginning of growth for the industry, and we just wanted to talk about it.

The Official Story

 Officially, three different types of vape devices have been approved by the FDA at this time, but it is still tremendous progress.

The Director for Tobacco Products at the FDA, Mitch Zeller, commented that “The manufacturer’s data demonstrates its tobacco-flavoured products could benefit addicted adult smokers who switch to these products – either completely or with a significant reduction in cigarette consumption – by reducing their exposure to harmful chemicals”.

Confused? Let us translate. Vaping is good!

Seriously though, the reasoning behind this approval is that the FDA recognises a benefit to vaping that we’ve been espousing all along – the products can and do help reduce exposure to harmful substances and help anyone trying to kick their smoking habit to the curb.

Progress, At Last

 It doesn’t take a genius to know that we’re pleased about this news. It recognises vaping as a legitimately valuable tool and helps to stamp out regular cigarettes further.

We’re happy to see the shifting attitudes in the US right now. For a long time, America has been a trend-setter for the rest of the Western world, and many worried that their somewhat hostile attitudes towards vaping would be the industry’s downfall. Still, they’re finally starting to recognise the benefits and change their attitude.

It’s something that we welcome wholeheartedly, and we can’t wait to see more vaping products make their way into the list of FDA-approved merchandise. It means that vaping will continue to grow and hopefully begin to eclipse regular cigarettes. We want nothing more than to see conventional cigs get stamped out for good; their tar, carbon dioxide and cancer-causing chemicals are well documented, as well as dangerous to both smokers and anyone in the vicinity.

Final Thoughts

So, to wrap this up, we’re pleased to be able to start this week with some positive news. It’s always been great to see people changing their attitudes towards vapes, especially now when there’s so much potential for new choices and ideas to come out to the forefront.

Infinite Vapour has always been proud to sell these types of devices, kits, mods, accessories and e-liquids, and will continue to do so. We like to think that there is something in the range for everyone to explore and plenty of different options out there. It’s good to see the USA start to welcome vapes into their everyday life, and we can’t wait to see them approve more and more options as time goes on.