Smoking, vaping, inhalation of any kind of chemicals, they all usually provide a negative effect on the human body, from mild irritants to more deadly problems, but recent studies have suggested that for the males, the effects of nicotine and the other chemicals in such products can target and potentially damage a very sensitive area.

The newest studies looked at sperm samples taken from 30 men, and tested with concentrations of vape e-liquids, in amounts typical of casual or habitual vaping. The results showed that sperm exposed to the highest concentration of flavourings was slower and less efficient during intercourse. There is sadly not an abundance of data about any aspect of vaping but there are almost as many studies on smoking and the effects it can have on the body as there are smokers on a global scale. So it is safe to conclude it’s well documented that smoking damages people.  But smoking doesn’t just affect a smoker’s sperm, it can affect a partner’s fertility, and that of their children too, passing issues further down the genetic line than anyone would initially think.

The potentially detrimental effects are numerous, but include things like a decrease in the concentration of sperm, and a general decrease in sperm motility. This mean if sperm cannot swim properly, there may be problems reaching the egg and fertilising it. Another potential concern is getting some deformed or strangely shaped sperm that could have trouble swimming. There has also been research that has shown that smoking damages the sperm’s DNA leading to potential fertilisation problems and higher miscarriage rates, which can be dangerous for the mother. Male smokers may also have unusual hormone levels, which can adversely affect fertility.

Smoking is harmful to your health in many ways, but a perfect way to continue smoking and avoid inhaling a larger percentage of these harmful chemicals is to switch to an electronic cigarette. Infinite Vapour offers a large range of e-cigarettes and e-liquids, all of which are much safer and less hazardous to your long term health, but contain enough variety to suit any taste and preference.