Smoking – Gone by 2030, Vaping to Lead?

In the world of vaping, we often have to take a look at what smoking is doing to figure out future events in the industry. So, when we heard the news that there is a big push to wipe out regular cigarettes entirely by 2030, of course we were interested.

After a little bit of research and looking at how things have been for the last few years, we can safely say that this is a real thing that is happening, and we want to talk about it. After all, it’s important that everybody stays aware of what’s going on, and vaping is at the heart of this story!

No More Cigarettes? 

It’s safe to say that cigarettes have been on the way out for the last two decades. People understand the ongoing health problems that can come from smoking regular cigarettes, and it’s public knowledge at this point. However, there has still been a strong industry, which has made stopping people from smoking quite tricky. 

This may be all set to change. There is growing evidence that there is an initiative in place to remove all traces of regular cigarettes from society by 2030. Essentially, people want to replace normal cigarettes with vape devices.  

Full Speed Ahead

Ultimately, we love hearing about this kind of thing because it signifies full speed ahead for the vaping community. Obviously, we are keen to develop as many new products and services as we can, as an industry, and then use those to benefit the lives of many people. This becomes a lot easier when everybody is looking for a replacement for smoking.

If the government applies itself to crack down on normal cigarettes, that means that people will have no choice but to seek out an alternative. The vaping industry, therefore, should be poised to have a series of adequate substitutes ready.  

Naturally, most big providers already have starter kits, accessories, and mods, but we have a feeling that these will become even more prominent. The closer we get to 2030, the more necessary the industry will become. Production of these types of products will speed up considerably to match the expected demand.

Furthermore, something else that should also be considered is a staggered move towards vaping. We won’t all wake up one day and have a series of bans on conventional cigarettes. People will be pushed to gradually transition, which means that we will continue to put out excellent products.  

Final Thoughts

Naturally, we are delighted with the idea that there will be an increase in the number of different vaping products on offer. We can’t wait to see just how amazing these things can become. The decision to phase out regular cigarettes by 2030 is a bold one but something we support. If you’re after a replacement product before that, Infinite Vapour can have a wide range of kits, mods, devices, accessories, and e-liquids for you to explore. There’s everything you could need for a satisfying experience here.