We’ve recently come across a new product, and we’re so excited about it that we just had to do a review on it. The SMOK Mag looks impressive, and has a lot of features that we’re sure would appeal to a wide audience, but it is it the right choice for you? We’re going to be taking a look at it in more detail.

The Design

To begin with, we’re going to look at the design of the Mag as usual. This kit is one which stands out from the rest for having a very distinctive shape and size. It’s shaped like the butt of a pistol, and the grip of one too. This means that it’s quite easy to hold and fire, which makes a change from the designs of the past. Mods and kits sometimes did suffer from the same set of problems, which meant that they were awkward square shapes that did not fit into the palm well at all. However, the grip of a pistol is designed so that it slots into the contours of the hand well, and this design means that the kit is easy to use.

The display is also easy to see and provides clear and detailed information about what’s going on with the device and how it is performing, so that’s always a bonus. Putting batteries into the device is much similar to one how might load an actual gun, you just slot them into the grip.

The Functionality

Of course, what people want to know most of all is how well the device performs when in use. Thankfully, people considering buying it will find that it is a well built and excellent choice for vapers to consider. It’s got a good level of control over the various functions, which means that you can easily make sure you’re vaping at a level which works for you. As standard, people will find that it delivers a good level of vapour, and a pretty satisfying hit, with the capability of changing your output there and waiting. This kit allows you to load up with the vaping liquid you want easily and starts creating satisfying hits from the beginning, which makes this all the more desirable.

Our overall verdict? It’s very good. There’s a lot to admire from this particular kit, but the pride and main focus is probably the unique design. The pistol grip is contoured to fit into the hand naturally, and not feel cumbersome or difficult. The functionality of this particular device is excellent, and it has proven that it is something to be prized. As a kit which has a lot of functionality and more than sufficient power to provide a satisfying vaping experience, the SMOK Mag Kit is one which any vaper would be more than happy to add to their collection if they grasped it’s true worth like we have. As we mentioned, this is one of the many products which we have within our selection, and we have many more available for you within our range if you so desire.