Nicotine, Vaping and You – How You Can Control Your Intake

A lot of people who smoke or did smoke normal cigarettes, as well as vaping users, have a complicated relationship with nicotine to say the least. There’s a lot of mixed feelings about this particular addictive substance – many enjoy the way it makes them feel but others curse their dependency on it because it can be challenging to manage.

Ultimately, people typically only smoke normal cigarettes because they are trying to get the nicotine rush that comes from them. However, vaping is a good way to limit your amount of nicotine, get what you need safely, and maybe even stay in good health along the way.

Nicotine – A Tricky Concept

 Ultimately, the characteristics of nicotine make it a very tricky thing to try and deal with. Nicotine is a naturally occurring substance that is addictive to the human body. It comes from a plant, and the salts which are present as a natural byproduct of the growth process are also used as nicotine salts, being a far more potent delivery system than the conventional nicotine you get in your liquids.

Nicotine is the primary component of conventional cigarettes. It is why people have become addicted to the substance, because they develop a dependence on nicotine, which forces them to keep smoking the harmful cigarettes in order to keep up their daily intake. Withdrawal symptoms can be incredibly debilitating, and in some cases require medical attention in order to properly deal with.

E-Cigs – The Solution

 Electronic cigarettes are the solution to nicotine-based issues. Because an electronic cigarette contains none of the harmful chemicals that are present in conventional cigarettes, it has been described on many different occasions as being a useful tool for anybody who wants to get access to nicotine, but does not want to put their body at risk of harmful chemicals.

One of the primary advantages to nicotine via the use of electronic cigarettes is that you can manually adjust the amount of nicotine present in your cigarette. Each liquid that is used for the vape device has a variety of different volumes of nicotine inside it, so you can scale it up and down depending on your preference. This is primarily why the NHS recommends electronic cigarettes as a method of quitting smoking altogether, because you can use them to gradually lower your intake of nicotine until you no longer require it.

Final Thoughts

 Obviously, a dependency on any substance is never a good thing. However, thanks to the power of electronic cigarettes, it is possible to gradually begin to cut down on your intake without suffering any of the debilitating side-effects of withdrawal. Gradually scaling down your intake is, by far and away, the best way to quit. Infinite Vapour has a broad selection of options available for you to experience. There is everything you could possibly need to get a satisfying experience, and an ever growing selection of products to choose from. There are kits, mods, accessories, and both nicotine and nicotine-free e-liquids.