NHS Offering Free Vapes to Fight Cigarettes

It’s all hands on deck for the NHS at the moment, as they have begun to re-focus their attention on other initiatives and schemes following the COVID-19 pandemic. Obviously, the crisis took up much of the NHS’s resources and focus, but now they can begin to put their attention back onto other pressing health issues in the country, like for example, conventional cigarettes.

Despite the obvious health warnings and concerns, the conventional cigarette has continued to endure, and so the NHS has begun a crackdown to try and remove them from public life altogether by encouraging people to switch to electronic cigarettes. To that end, they’re handing out free ones, and we thought that was worth a look.

Vapes – NHS Backed

 So, when it comes to the electronic cigarette industry as a standard, general thing, we are super excited to have the backing of the NHS. Seriously, it’s amazing. We’ve got so much support because the NHS and are recommending electronic cigarettes as the official way for people to quit smoking.

However, official recommendation and actually helping people to get started with quitting or two different things. Ultimately, the NHS didn’t have the resources of the time required to begin distributing the supplies, but if a smoker now visits an emergency department, they will be given the resources necessary to quit, and then also directed to the nearest referral service for helping to overcome a smoking addiction.


Obviously, this is a massive success for us as an industry. We are so happy that the NHS recognised us as being away for people to quit smoking, and we are more than happy to keep providing incredible services to help them, but this is now a proactive stance being taken to stamp out conventional cigarettes. Let’s be honest. The conventional cigarette is tired, it’s old, and it’s toxic.

This could be attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic. People have become more health conscious in the wake of a virus that seemed to kill with no discrimination. It’s probably likely that people have now taken a proactive stance in terms of their own health, which is why the NHS is cracking down.

Regardless of why this is the case, we’re just glad it’s happening. This is a massive success, and speaks volumes about where public attitudes are heading – away from the toxicity of normal cigarettes.

Final Thoughts

Naturally, we are very happy to see the NHS focus on public health via the crackdown on cigarettes. We wholeheartedly support this endeavour, and pledge our support in delivering as many vaping supplies to the general public as possible. If you have a need to quit smoking, and you want extra resources to help you in your quest, we are happy to serve you. Infinite Vapour is ready to help. We have a broad range of options for you to choose from, because we understand how important it can be for you to get the best possible smoking experience, so now is the time to turn away from conventional cigarettes and to embrace the electronic counterpart.