New UK Poll Gives Vaping Support Boost

It is an exciting time for vaping at the moment for UK vapers. We’re seeing an incredible outpouring of support from the government and the general populace – from NHS backing to the plans to eradicate regular cigarettes by 2030.

A new poll conducted in the UK has shown precisely what the public thinks about vaping and how it can be a powerful tool for combating the rise of smoking, so we’re going to look at the facts and see how it’s all panned out.

Vaping In, Smoking Out

The results of the poll are very encouraging for vaping in general. What it essentially boils down to is that more than 50% of the UK population believes that smoking should be banned, and vaping should take its place.

Naturally, this is terrific news, and it does point to how well electronic cigarettes have been doing in recent times.

It’s no secret that we’ve come into a wave of support recently, with the NHS providing public support for vaping and the government trying to crack down on conventional cigarettes by 2030, opening up the way for us to continue to do well.

The Future is Bright

It’s safe to say that the future of vaping is bright right now. We are in a position where we are poised to do very well over the next few years.

Naturally, the transition to remove conventional cigarettes from public use by 2030 is a process. They will gradually begin to phase products out, which means the alternatives, like vaping, will start to get more popular. We are in a position to pick up a lot of new support and expand the community considerably, and we can’t wait to do this.

The fact that the public, or at least the majority, is also keen to see cigarettes removed suggests that the tolerance for vaping will be much higher. We know that we haven’t always had the best reputation – there have been points of contention and false news –  but to see that the bulk of the population is beginning to appreciate vaping more and can see it being common usage is encouraging.

Ultimately, it’s just lovely to see, and we are looking forward to the continued expansion of electronic cigarettes. Vaping can do a lot of good, but we have to have public opinion on board for it to take off, and it looks like we do have that.

Final Thoughts

So, ultimately, it’s nice to see that vaping is getting the support it deserves. The recent poll has improved our public opinion quite substantially, and it’s fantastic to know that more people are starting to recognise the benefits. As we get closer to 2030 and the government’s plan for smoke-free Britain, we’ll only pick up more support, and it’s exhilarating.

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