New Report Offers Support to Vaping


A new report has given some further support to vaping in the last few days, and we couldn’t be happier to see it. It’s not exactly a lie to say that vaping has seen a bit of negative backlash in the news recently – albeit for things which are not our fault – so to see some positivity is excellent.  

As usual, we’re here to talk about what the report has said and bring a little joy to people’s lives. Between this and the start of Stoptober (are you taking part?), there’s plenty to be optimistic about!

A Positive Report

 The report is optimistic regarding what it discovered about vaping and the people who do so. A recent study at King’s College in London has found that switching from smoking to vaping has considerable health benefits, and this makes it a valuable resource.

 The report correctly points out that the health risks are substantially reduced when switching to vaping – many of us are aware of it. Regular cigarettes contain many harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide and tar. These are not things the body should be exposed to, so switching away from them is probably sensible.

A Report Tempered With Warnings

 Even though the report is a positive force for vaping, it does reiterate that young people should not be vaping unnecessarily, which is correct.

 The rise of young people – especially underage people – who have begun vaping has risen in recent years. While we have no issue with anybody over 18 smoking a vape device, we are frequently concerned by the number of underage people who attempt to do so.

 Our policy on underage vaping has always been clear – we do not support it in any capacity. We’ve always pushed for stricter guidelines for anyone found selling the products to underage people and welcome new policies on the matter.

The Right Report at the Right Time

 However, we ultimately support the idea of a report which gives vaping some positive publicity, and it is coming at the right time. After all, we’ve just entered Stoptober – the month where many people attempt to quit smoking for good, and many use vaping.

 Vaping is a much healthier resource that people can take advantage of when they want to smoke properly, and it is important to acknowledge that there are many situations where it can help. We’ve constantly been pushing for the benefits of vaping to come out, and at the end of the day, we know how important it can be.

Final Thoughts

 When it comes to vaping, it is crucial to understand that many different reports offer us some support nowadays – we’re very fortunate in that regard. It’s always lovely to see the sheer variety of options.

 We’re so happy that this new report backs us up because it gives more support to vaping. If you want to start exploring vaping, then Infinite Vapour is here for you. We have a full selection of kits, mods, accessories, liquids, and many other devices. There’s something in our range for everybody.