Ok, so usually we’re a bit on the fence about new bills and laws getting passed. Typically, they serve to hinder vaping or shut it down in some way, but this actually has the potential to do some good, so we’re not opposed to it. This new set of rules and regulations may, in fact, help vaping’s reputation, so we’re going to explore it here and now.

The Basics

So, let’s jump right in and talk about what makes this new bill a good idea. First and foremost, it bans vaping products from schools altogether. That’s something that we can get behind, especially when you consider just how dangerous they can be for teenagers and young people, not to mention the damage they cause for the reputation of the community as a whole.

It also calls for an investigation as to how vaping got into schools in the first place, as well as looking into knowledge gaps about the effects vaping can have on youngsters. It’s an excellent place to start looking into because we need to crack down on the surge of people who consider vaping to be acceptable for teens.

What Will This Mean For the Community?

From a reputation based standpoint, this is excellent news. We’ve all been bothered in recent times by the sheer number of negative reports which come in from America. It’s been noted that vaping has apparently been responsible for so many issues and problems in the past; exploding batteries, a rise in teenage smokers. It’s our job to make sure that this isn’t the case, and we can do this by cooperating.

When they ban vaping devices from schools and explore the health effects, we’ll be able to work with authorities to make sure that vaping is considered to be something safe, and also to ensure that public opinion of us is restored. It’s not an easy time in America for the vaping community, because we’re always under fire for exposing young people to smoking even though the majority of people do not.  However, these new laws might help things and help us to regain some of our past reputations as a safe and acceptable alternative to smoking. Now, this opinion is still current, but it has been dulled slightly over the years by people who strive to make sure that the community doesn’t become as popular as it could be.

All things considered, it is easy to see why the new vaping bill which is being finalised in the US is supposed to be such a good choice for the vaping community. We need to make sure that our reputation over there is at it’s best because we’re in danger of losing support because of teenage vapers. However, when there’s an improved crackdown on people doing it who aren’t supposed to, and we’ve moved past this part of our history, then there’s every chance that the vaping community will come back to being a popular force again.