The vaping community is facing a bit of a problem at the moment. A new trend of vaping is starting to cause problems for the law abiding and honest people in the community, and this trend has taken the form of Juuling. Not everyone knows what it is, or how it’s become so much of a problem. To try and raise awareness, we’re going to be taking a look at Juuling, and how it’s started to damage the reputation of a lot of vaping groups, by targeting the one place that we really didn’t want to become a sore point – schools.

Vaping In Schools?

To clarify, we need to just emphasise how much of a problem this is. We seriously didn’t want schools and children to become part of the bad image vaping has cultivated. It’s an area that people frequently reference when they are trying to damage vaping and its reputation. However, that’s exactly what’s happened.

Here in the U.K., we don’t support vaping for kids. We don’t sell to minors, because they’re just too young to understand the danger of what they’re doing. However, in America the laws are slightly different. This difference, and possibly loose morals on part of the vendors, have allowed small and discreet vaping devices called “Juuls” to enter the school world. As some of you might expect, and as we’ve talked about before, it’s harder to catch vaping out in the act. The Vapour itself vanishes fairly quickly, and can be passed off as an exotic body spray if questioned. This is further compounded by the knowledge that JUUL devices are small and discreet – they’re much harder to identify because they slip into pockets with ease.

What Can Be Done? 

At this stage, it’s important to spread awareness of the devices and the harm they can do. Most people aren’t aware of them, which makes it harder to educate people on the dangers they possess. Children don’t understand the world around them in the same way that others do. The concept of vaping to them is just a harmless bit of fun without any real consequences. Of course, this isn’t what vaping is, but it’s our job as adults to try and help them understand. Of course, a crackdown on vaping in schools would be good too, but that’s sort of a given considering the situation that is developing.

Overall, vaping in schools through the use of Juuling is becoming a big problem in America, and it needs to be stamped out. Anyone who’s passionate about vaping should try and promote the best possible image, and they can’t do that without staunchly opposing vaping for kids. If you’re looking for vaping products here in the UK, and are of the correct age to purchase them, Infinite Vapour can help. We have a range of different vaping devices, accessories and e-liquids available from within our selection. There’s something within the range for everyone to choose from, and we encourage you to look around the site.