How to Combat Vaping Misinformation

If you go and look at the news, you’ll see vaping portrayed in a bad light. We see this all the time – hysterical news headlines, puff pieces designed to hurt the industry, etc.

As a topic, vaping is still controversial. We forever hear horror stories, and 99% of them have no factual basis. But how do you combat vaping misinformation when you see it?

To help you make sensible decisions, we’ve put together some tips for combating misinformation. Let’s take a look.

  1. Focus on Facts

If you want to combat misinformation, you need to work with facts. There are lots of stories out there – tales of hospitalisations and horrors. However, if you look at those stories, you’ll see that there are many emotive languages and shock value – nothing factual to supplement the claims.

There are reputable sources of information on the internet for anyone who wants to read them. These sources can be case studies by scientists, official facts on websites like the NHS, and other places where evidence is grounded in numbers and statistics.

Focus on these facts to stay educated.

  1. Share Reputable News

Social media is a vital tool in the fight against misinformation. If you follow reputable news sources and you have a social media platform, then you can share these stories.

Sharing news that factually promotes vaping helps to combat misinformation. There needs to be a balance of resources out on the web; otherwise, everybody will read the negative.

You must avoid getting into arguments with people about vaping. You might get comments on your posts, but this is normal. Stick to the facts and remain polite.

  1. Stay Educated

New stories are coming out all the time with vaping. As an industry, e-cigs are constantly evolving, and there are new developments to focus on every week.

If you want to improve yourself and combat misinformation, you need to stay educated as best you can. Looking at the facts is an important way of staying up-to-date, and it gives you the freedom to talk with confidence on the subject.

Learning to read and understand scientific research is an excellent skill to cultivate. It will allow you to get a basic grasp of many different topics, but most of all, it can help with e-cigs.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to misinformation, we have to take a proactive stance on fixing some of the misconceptions in the world.

There will always be people who try to promote negative stories and misinformation about e-cigs for various reasons. Someone may have a family member who became ill from misuse or simply dislike vaping because it is new and modern. Not everybody adapts to change!

Regardless of what we do to protect misinformation, it is essential to know that you’re an ambassador of the community in what you do. If you want reliable products to use every day, then Infinite Vapour can help. We have a selection of devices, kits, mods, accessories, and e-liquids that will help you enjoy a full range of vaping experiences.