So, just like American citizens, we all have our own view about the election of Donald Trump, however our friends over the pond feel that this might actually have been the best result for the vaping industry. As the US is a hugely influential global leader it could also impact on decisions taken for the UK, making it good news for us too!  How does that work I hear you cry!

The full article is found with Vapor Vanity and makes interesting reading, but the basis is, obviously, political.  Many politicians in America believe that vaping is bad for the health – a story we have heard time and time again even here in the UK.  However, President Elect Donald Trump might well be the least invasive and interested influencer of the vaping sector.  In the run up to the election, and under the leadership of Obama there was a call for the FDA to bring in a lot of new rules and regulations for those who make and sell e-cigarette products.  There was a very real fear amongst those in our industry that this would effectively put an end to their businesses, as the cost and effort of jumping through the safety hoops would be crippling enough.  On top of that there were to be small business implications – for more than just the vaping industry, that would mean many sole traders or SME’s could ill afford to survive.

Judging by the policies and talk that came from the Trump camp over the election period and, the research they have undertaken in more depth it appears this just isn’t really something he rates. On the other hand Hilary Clinton would have jumped on these as she was a big supporter of the proposals. Basically it looks like Trump will do nothing more with these recommendations and the vaping industry in the United States will be free to run as they do now. As we mentioned at the beginning this could be good news for the UK, because of their global sway.  Our own government is often influenced by decisions made over there, and often uses them as a test subject. So, the chances are if the FDA had got massively involved there would have been calls by our government to start stomping all over vapes once more and declaring them unsafe.  A lucky escape we feel!  So whatever your thoughts are on Mr Trump, from a vaping point of view he certainly seems to have been the best candidate!

We are certainly pleased as we can keep supplying you all with beloved brands like Kangertech and Joyetech with less concerns for the future of vapes and e-cigarettes.