Government Report Suggests Action Needed For Smokefree 2030

 As many of you know, the government wants to go smoke-free by 2030. Essentially, they want to try and stop people from smoking normal cigarettes because, well, they’re not great. However, we all assumed that the plan was in place and would work out just fine – this was not the case.

The latest report published on the government website,, suggests that unless some action is taken, not only will we not reach our 2030 goal of a smoke-free world, but some areas may not see this new way of life for more than a decade.

The Challenge of Inaction

Inaction is a pretty substantial challenge at the minute because it points to the lack of forwarding momentum on the project. 

The report has highlighted that, at the moment, we will not reach the target of becoming a smoke-free country by 2030. In fact, we may not get there for several years afterwards, with some of the worst economically developed areas in the UK not seeing a smoke-free country until 2044.

 The reasoning for this is inactivity on the part of the government. They’re not doing enough right now to push the decline in smoking, which is a problem because if this is going to work, it has to be government-led and mandated. People are not going to surrender the usage of conventional cigarettes willingly.

What Can Vaping Do?

So, it was always understood that there would be a bit of a vacuum where vaping could step in and become a safe way for people to smoke. Is there anything we can do in the interim to try and help? 

The best thing the vaping industry can do is keep trying to put together resources that make getting into vaping easy. So, we need more starter kits; we need more accessories; we need more devices. If this is going to be the alternative to smoking, which it can be, there has to be enough of a choice that people can freely pick and choose.

We also need to start educating people on the benefits of vaping now. It has to be appealing for people to make the transition, which is possible if we keep discussing the benefits. It’s not the easiest of things to do, and it may take a few years, but there are things that we can do to help make this transition easier.

Final Thoughts  

So, ultimately, it’s up to people to get the best results when it comes to vaping. 

It’s a great resource, and it can definitely do a lot. We need to push if we’re going to see a smoke-free UK by 2030. At the minute, it’s not going to happen. There’s not enough government push on the subject to make it happen, which means that we have to help where we can by promoting the benefits of vaping and trying to help people make the transition. 

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