Explaining Vape Battery Care and Recycling

As vaping gains popularity as an effective smoking cessation method, understanding the proper care and recycling of vape batteries becomes increasingly crucial. Maintaining your vape kit’s battery is essential for maximizing lifespan, while responsible recycling contributes to environmental conservation. In this guide, we’ll explore safe battery usage and care for both internal and external batteries and provide insights on recycling methods.

Types of Vape Batteries

Internal Batteries:

– Built into the vape device with a power capacity ranging from 250-3000mAh.

– Non-removable; recycle at an electronic waste recycling depot for proper dismantling.

– Disposable vape batteries are non-rechargeable, emphasizing the need for correct recycling due to the significant volume of disposables discarded weekly.

External Batteries:

– Utilised in sub-ohm vape kits, using rechargeable lithium-ion batteries like 18650 or 21700.

– Regularly inspect the protective covering for damage; damaged batteries should be placed in protective casings and recycled.

– External batteries offer the advantage of convenient backup options and efficient charging.

Battery Care Top Tips

Internal Batteries

– Use manufacturer-specified charging plugs and cables.

– Avoid extreme temperature, moisture, and constantly running the battery down or charging it to full capacity.

– Do not attempt to open the vape kit; recycle the entire device at an approved recycling centre.

external Batteries:

– Ensure clean and dry contact surfaces; align + and – terminals correctly.

– Use manufacturer-specified charging equipment.

– Remove batteries if not in use for several months; store spare batteries in protective casings.

How to Recycle Vapes and Batteries

Reasons to Recycle:

– Valuable lithium metal in batteries should be recycled to prevent waste.

– Careless disposal can lead to pollution and fires because of thehigh power density of lithium batteries.

Recycling Process

– Bag old vapes and batteries and visit local recycling centres.

– Utilise electronic waste recycling collection schemes provided by local councils.

– Check for recycling banks in streets and supermarkets.

– Inquire with the retailer for in-store collection points.


-Can I put my old vape in the bin?

– Never discard old vapes in general waste due to the risk of fire and environmental pollution.

Why should I recycle my vape battery?

– To prevent the waste of rare lithium material, minimize environmental impact, and avoid fire risks.

How do I travel safely with vape batteries?

– Refer to our dedicated article on flying with vapes for comprehensive guidelines.

Proper care and recycling of vape batteries are integral to extending their lifespan and mitigating environmental impact. Handle batteries with care, and when their life cycle ends, locate the nearest electronic waste recycling centre or collection point.