E-Cigs – Their Role in the Post COVID-19 World

We’ve all seen the considerable impacts of the coronavirus for the last year or two now. However, with vaccines being dispensed globally and cases coming down in many areas, we’re beginning to get a glimpse of life post COVID.

With that thought in mind, what does one of these worlds look like? What is the role of the humble e-cig in a world where coronavirus has passed? Well, we’ve got a few ideas of our own, so we figured we’d share them with you.

No More Conventional Cigarettes

Something that we’re probably going to see quite a bit of is the departure of conventional cigarettes. Ultimately, we’ve witnessed whisperings of the future to come in the news. They’re planning to make the purchase of traditional cigs illegal for anyone under 21 – effectively curbing a lot of people’s entry points into the world of smoking.

Considering that the coronavirus is a problem that attacks the respiratory system, it isn’t surprising that people have become a little more jumpy and concerned with what they’re exposed to. All those toxic chemicals in conventional cigarettes aren’t going to be tolerated anymore, which is no bad thing.

More E-Cigs, Hopefully

So, with that being said, there will be something of a vacuum where conventional cigarettes used to be. We predict that they will die off in terms of popularity, especially given that many people have quit smoking whilst the lockdown has been going on.

So, it’s understandably more complex for people to get access to the best possible smoking method, which is where electronic cigarettes will probably step in and fill the void. The NHS already recognises us as being one of the best ways to quit smoking and to be honest, we are just a better way of doing things altogether.

A lot of people like to look at electronic cigarettes as being the modern equivalent of conventional cigarettes. The same satisfying smoking experience is still there, but none of the toxic chemicals and substances that made traditional cigarettes such a problem. It wouldn’t exactly be surprising to see them become the default way to smoke, and that’s something we’re happy to see.

Final Thoughts

So, with the end of the coronavirus pandemic, we also hope to see the end of conventional cigarettes fall out of popularity. We know how harmful they have been over the last century or so, and we’d love for vaping to come in and fill the void.

With that being said, we also recognise that it may be a long time before we see vaping become the norm. It is a shame, but to be expected, which is why we’ll continue to promote all of the products we have available to make sure that people get the best experiences and options to enjoy. Infinite Vapour has a broad selection of different options, styles and choices for people to take a look at, making sure to offer whatever resources you could need. There are kits, mods, accessories, e-liquids and everything else.