E-Cigs – Their Growth Through Lockdown

The electronic cigarette is something that we are pleased to have seen grown during the lockdown period. What began as a thriving community has evolved into a more commonplace part of society, and it is because of the lockdown.

Naturally, we are thrilled to see that the electronic cigarette has gained popularity and become a more indispensable tool for people who wish to begin quitting regular cigarettes. Let’s examine the growth that the industry has seen during the lockdown period, as well as shifting attitudes towards smoking in general.

Re-evaluating Health and Behaviour

The COVID-19 pandemic has been unlike anything anybody has seen in living memory. We have been forced into our homes to seek shelter from a deadly, highly transmissible virus. This has, naturally, left quite a few people stuck indoors, without access to their employment because it is not safe to do so, and with plenty of time to re-evaluate their lifestyle.

This has led to many people renouncing conventional cigarettes. Given that the virus attacks the respiratory system, it is natural for people to abandon things that would cause them further harm. People who smoke regular cigarettes have a weakened respiratory system because of the toxic chemicals inside the smoke, so many have quit.

Vaping – Thriving During 2020-2021?

Another consequence of people renouncing their old lifestyle is that they seek ways to supplement a new, healthier way of living. People are going to want to quit cigarettes. Still, the psychological need for it, as well as the underlying nicotine addiction, will force people to continue smoking unless there is an alternative.

Thankfully, there is an alternative in the form of electronic cigarettes. Not only are we officially backed by the NHS now, which is astounding, but we are a proven method for quitting smoking and embracing a healthier way of life. This means that many people have now chosen to begin experimenting with electronic cigarettes for the first time, and starter kits and accessories have risen in popularity since the beginning of the lockdown back in 2020.

A Bright Future

We are delighted to see that there has been continued growth regarding electronic cigarettes, and we look forward to witnessing more and more people begin to embrace it for themselves. There is a bright future ahead, as people have started to recognise that conventional cigarettes, considering the still-present danger of the pandemic, are no longer a sensible way of doing things.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, conventional cigarettes are becoming a thing of the past. Not only are they gradually phasing out of society, but we are also seeing people voluntarily choose to put them down as a result of finding a healthier lifestyle. The pandemic has forced people to re-evaluate their habits, and many have let go of things like smoking. If this is something you need assistance with, Infinite Vapour can help. We have a broad selection of kits, mods, accessories and other items for you to experiment with, so please check out our range.