We are going to cover some hard facts, reveal some deceptions and show you some pretty amazing information that will probably make your blood boil at the major scam the FDA and special interest, through major pharmaceutical companies has attempted to pull over the entire world.

The anti-smoking groups say they are worried about my lungs, but it is accepted (peer reviewed) in real science that inhaling combusted material is the real killer in tobacco cigarettes, account for the vast majority of health related illnesses in smokers. This is also the basis of second hand or side stream smoke hurting bystanders, not the nicotine. You can read more of my thoughts and other information on the subject of e cigarettes hurting your lungs here.

This is real e cigarettes facts vs their fiction and propaganda. Ready? Let’s get the ball rolling.

In 2009 the FDA “Tested” e cigs and then reported that e cigarette “may” be dangerous because they had a poison called Diethylene glycol. So they were stating that they may kill you. They tested 18 cartridges and found 1 cartridge that they claim had this dangerous poison, but the fact is that they had found only trace amounts, so much less that 1,000th of 1%.
Fact: Diethylene glycol is toxic, but not at the levels that they found.

Their testing has already been debunked and the information is publicly available online. You can check the information and testing on the FDA test here.

Diethylene glycol is used as a humectant in tobacco products such as tobacco cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco products. So there is nothing in e cigarettes so far that is any more dangerous that tobacco you can buy anywhere in the United States at this time.

The FDA states that Electronic cigarettes are not known to be safer than tobacco cigarettes. Another lie!
The CDC has associated tobacco smoke with over 4,000 toxic chemicals, many of them known to be carcinogenic.  A short list of the toxic chemicals (some of them may be known to you) found in tobacco smoke:

•             Acetone (fingernail polish remover)
•            Cadmium (used in batteries)
•            Carbon Monoxide (car exhaust)
•            Hydrogen Cyanide (poison)
•            Arsenic (poison)
•            DDT/Dieldrin (pesticide banned in the 1970’s)
•            Ethanol (alcohol)
•            Butane (lighter fluid)
•            Ammonia
•            Methane
•            Polonium 210 (poison, radioactive)

Even though the facts directly contradict the FDA stance, they still carry their little lies directly under their wing by stating: FDA Is Unwilling To Quantify The Safety Of E Cigarettes As Compared To Traditional Cigarettes.

Next the FDA claimed that Electronic cigarettes are appealing to children due to the different flavors cartridges are available in. But then Perrigo Receives FDA Approval to Market Cherry and Cinnamon Flavored Nicotine Lozenges. Hmm…that’s interesting. We also covered this deception here with more in depth information.

You can find flavored products all over the U.S. in every store that are intended for adults. Flavored cough syrups, energy drinks, energy shots, personal lubricants, and more are in almost every store in the nation, but you never hear the FDA, Big Pharma or the anti smoking groups screaming about them from the rooftops. Almost all of them can be deadly if you take too much, but they are on shelves that any toddler can reach as they stroll through the store with their Mom.

The FDA claims that Approved stop smoking products are safe, electronic cigarettes are not.

Chantix and Zyban are known killers and now have a black box warning because each has had over 100 deaths directly tagged to these brands, but the FDA refuses to remove them from the market.

Did you know that it was recently reported that the FDA is the number one killer in the U.S. now because of deadly pharmaceuticals and equipment that are approved and deemed safe by the FDA?

The FDA also stated Tobacco-specific impurities, cotinine, anabasine, myosmine, and β-nicotyrine were found in half of the cartridge samples tested. They also failed to tell you that they are specific to nicotine and are found in cosmetics, foods and all kinds of other products including the patch and gum that are FDA approved and deemed safe.

They are also found in tobacco products at much higher concentrations than the electronic cigarette.

Cotinine is a metabolite of nicotine and is found in tobacco cigarettes.  The Foundation for Blood Research states that cotinine itself is not known to be harmful.

Anabasine is found in all tobacco products. This means they are in all nicotine products, where nicotine comes from. Another farce from the FDA and their cronies.

Nitrosamines are commonly found in cosmetics, but are not listed on labels because they are considered “impurities”.  Personal care products including mascara, conditioner, baby shampoo, and others may contain nitrosamines. But the FDA does not mention that! Sounds like a lot of fear mongering to me.

All of these test that the FDA done just justifies what e cig users and harm reduction specialist have been stating all along.

There have been over 17 known test, trials and studies by world renowned tobacco specialist from around the world that have stated that the e cigarette is from 100 to 1,000 times safer than tobacco cigarettes, so why does the FDA, special interest (anti smoking groups) and big pharma keep attacking e cigarettes?

It is simple if you look at the facts. The governments across the US make a lot of money from these crazy taxes they get from tobacco. Big pharma stands to lose right at half(according to studies by qualified professionals) of their 2.3 billion a year cessation product sales, and that would cut funding to the anti smoking groups. This does not count what big tobacco would lose and they are all in a panic of potential loses and are trying anything they can to stop the increased growth of the e cigarette.

What about the American Cancer Society? How much do they stand to lose in funding if you cut smoking related cancer in half?
There’s just so much potential growth. A recent smoking cessation report from consultancy firm Visiongain says, “E-Cigarettes will revolutionize the face of tobacco smoking and could pose a threat to the smoking cessation market.”
Visiongain is a trading partner with the US Federal Government. CCR Ref number: KD4R6.

This should tell you the Government is in a real pickle over e cigarettes and stand to lose billions in revenues from smokers.

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