Crackdown on Teen Vaping Continues

Yes, we know. You’re probably very bored of hearing this one talked about. There’s no doubt that teen vaping is one of the most contested and debated points in the community – despite our protests that many of us just aren’t encouraging the trend, it persists in the news.

So it sadly comes as no surprise that a crackdown on vaping continues, with the overall aim of making sure that people stop teens from having access to such products – a motion that we do approve. However, what we’re not so sure about is the way that they’re going about it.

Searching in Schools?

In what is considered by many to be a controversial move, there have been many measures put in place over in the USA to try and prevent teen vaping from being a problem. While we don’t always approve of the way things are done over there, for the most part, vaping remains a legal habit for those of the correct age.

However, schools in parts of Ohio are those who will struggle the most when it comes to the crackdown. Teachers and specific personnel have been trained to use compact wand-like scanning devices to check students for signs of vaping devices correctly, and urine tests, as well as searches of lockers and cars, have all been approved.

Our Thoughts

While some might see this as being entirely fair and indeed an excellent way to police vaping among the young population, we can only look on with a level of bewilderment and horror at the way it’s being carried out. While these measures were designed with the best of intentions, those being the safeguarding of young people, their execution leaves a lot to be desired.

Random spot checks, and the searching of property, presumably without the consent of the students themselves, will only serve to draw attention to vaping and even demonise it in the minds of parents and guardians. Innocent people will probably be searched and have their possessions checked, and it can feel very much like you’ve done something wrong when you haven’t.

We also question whether this will have a knock on effect of only making young people even more curious about vaping and what it can do. We’re not for one moment suggesting that vaping is somehow acceptable for young people, but perhaps the whole thing could be done with a little more tact and subtlety, instead of treating vaping like some severe drug.

Overall, we’re not best pleased with the way that this has all unfolded, and we’d like to take this moment to remind parents, guardians or any concerned parties that we never sell products to minors. It’s just not acceptable to do. However, if you’re of the legal age and searching for a good source of vaping supplies, then Infinite Vapour is the place to go. We offer a range of different kits, mods, accessories and e-liquids to make sure that your vaping experience is a positive one from start to finish.