Companies Defending Disposable Vapes – Should They Be Banned?

We’ve been watching the flow of government for a while now as it debates the various merits of vapes and e-cigarettes in general, and it has been interesting to see just how people view our industry. With a big tobacco company now calling for the protection of disposable vape devices as a way to help smokers quit conventional cigarettes, we figured this might be an interesting time to weigh in on the idea of keeping disposable e-cigs, what might need to change to make that a reality, and how we can safeguard the next generation from the risk of teenage nicotine dependency.

Should Disposable Vapes Stay?

 So, the big question which a lot of people are asking is whether or not disposable vapes should stay, which is, understandably, a big topic to tackle.

 When it comes to things like disposable vapes, we speak from a position of experience when we say that they can be useful – they have a lot of benefits for someone who is trying to quit smoking. It is a much healthier and safer alternative, containing neither carbon monoxide or tar.

 Obviously, this is a lot of use for people who are trying to quit smoking because it allows them access to the nicotine that they need without having to go near normal cigarettes.

Roadblocks to Disposable Freedom

 Obviously, if we are going to make disposable vape devices more popular, we have to identify some of the common issues that surround the usage, and then try to deal with the problems that are arising on a regular basis.

 The big problem that we’ve been able to identify is the fact that a lot of young people try these disposable products because they are much more accessible and easy to use, and they can be thrown away afterwards which helps to hide the evidence, so to speak. Obviously, the first solution for something like this is to be much more restrictive in terms of who we sell these products to. We need very tough rules and regulations in place, as well as severe punishments for anybody caught selling these products when they shouldn’t be.

 These types of rules may discourage people from purchasing more of these products, but the truth is that they are necessary measures. We have a responsibility to try and create a safe space for disposable products, because they do play a valuable role in the way that we approach vaping and quitting smoking as a whole.

Final Thoughts

 So, disposable vaping should be protected, as it is something that can be very helpful for a lot of people. The big problem comes when people try to abuse this, so we have to put rules and guidelines in place to protect everybody. We would have no problems with the idea of harsher rules and regulations if it means we get to keep these products, because they do a lot of good. However, to outright ban them would be a waste of potential in our opinion.