CBD is something which is rapidly growing in popularity across the world. However, it isn’t something that is wholly accepted everywhere. We’re taking a look at CBD, and if it is legal in the UK or not.

So, what is CBD?

What we’re dealing with when we talk about CBD is cannabis. There’s no way of going around it; there’s no way of pretending it isn’t something else. However, while CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, it doesn’t contain the same effects which you would experience from smoking it, and then ‘getting high’. There’s a variant of CBD which is called CBD Hemp Oil. This is the substance which contains the properties of the cannabis plant which include medicinal features, but none of the elements which make cannabis an illegal product most of the time.

So, is CBD legal?

The reason that there’s so much talk about CBD recently is that it is legal in certain parts of the world. As well as this, there are a lot more countries which allow the use of the hemp oil, especially the United States, although it is worth mentioning that the oil has to contain less than 0.3 THC. In the UK, the hemp oil is a legal substance, although anything which contains the chemicals which get you ‘high’ is still illegal and would leave you subject to a prison sentence.

When we look at the legal elements of the vaping oil, we need to consider one or two things. What defines something as being legal is the percentage of THC which is actually in it. THC is the ingredient in cannabis which alters the perception and the mind and is the thing which is responsible for making you ‘high’. If it has more than 0.2% THC, it is classed as cannabis. If it is below that, then it is classed as Hemp oil. It’s a thankfully fairly straightforward system. What concerns the law is a number of the mind-altering drugs which are present, and whether they are a danger to others. This would mean that people can vape the oil, so long as the concentration of mind-altering properties inside it is low enough that it considered being safe for public consumption.

Overall, while CBD is something which is growing in scale and popularity, it is something which you do need to be very careful with. The legalities of the vape will depend entirely on the percentage of THC which is found within it. Therefore you need to make sure that you’re purchasing it from a reliable source as there is no room to get it wrong. However, if possible, it’s probably just safer to avoid it and not risk the chance of a problem developing. If you’re looking for vaping materials which do not contain any cannabis based product in them, then Infinite Vapour has a great selection of different vaping goods for you to browse, with all that you need to enjoy your vaping experience.