In some parts of the world, it just isn’t looking all that good for the vaping community. It’s easy to see why there are often so many problems, especially in America where people crack down on vaping with great force. We’re going to be taking a look at California today, and seeing what’s been going on.

Flavour Ban – All Across The Nation?

America doesn’t have the best relationship with vaping right now. Because there’s been a lot of debate and controversy over the subject of teenage vapers, there’s been a real crackdown. We’ve got strict policies over here, and it was assumed that America might adopt the same regulations. However, they decided to ban flavoured vaping instead, and this had led to some issues.

This week will see a ban put forward which will massively impact on vaping and it’s presence in the States. All e-liquids which contain flavourings will be banned, along with menthol cigarettes and other everyday smoking items that are both on the side of vaping and aren’t.

However, the message being put out to the world is clear – California doesn’t want vaping devices to flourish. And this isn’t good news.

What Can be Done?

Irritatingly, there’s not a lot that can be done to prevent this from happening. All we can do outside of California is the same thing we’ve always done – promote vaping as a force for good. We implore any of our American friends to be more vigilant about who they sell to, and to make sure that they’re promoting the best possible image of the community. Perhaps, in time, the authorities in California will see that vaping can be a more positive habit and might reserve their laws.

How Could This Have Been Avoided?

Of course, there’s a lot which could have been done to prevent this from happening. There’s a definite age limit on vaping devices in the UK, and we all follow it to the best of our ability. We’re not suggesting that people across the pond don’t try and prevent teenage vaping, because the bulk of them do. However, all it takes is one shop owner who doesn’t see the harm in selling these devices to kids, and things soon spiral out of control.

We need to make people aware of the truth. There are so many different case studies on the internet which point towards vaping being a good thing – all you have to do is look. Educate people. But at the same time, make sure you’re promoting the right image.

Overall, the ban set to take place in California this week is troubling. However, it doesn’t have to be permanent. Vaping bans have been overturned before, but we need people to be working hard to promote the good that we’ve done. If you’re looking for vaping supplies, then why not come to Infinite Vapour. We have a range of different mods, kits and e-liquids, providing you with all you could need for a positive vaping experience.