It suddenly occurred to us that whilst we all accept that vaping is safer, we don’t often talk about the reasons why.  One of the key facts that makes vaping so much less dangerous than cigarette smoking is the lack of chemicals that can harm the body.  Cigarettes contain over 250 of these deadly chemicals, and the great news is vaping just doesn’t contain any of them.

So What is in Vape Juice?

Well eliquids are comprised of just three ingredients.  Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and of course the all important flavourings.  Now to ensure your safety, when purchasing eliquids you need to make sure they are made properly and tested for toxic properties before they are sold.  We are delighted to confirm that we take great pride in ensuring every vape juice we stock meets the stringent safety standards that are required in UK manufacturing.  Please do check with your supplier before you buy though as this is not always the case particularly if you purchase from abroad.

Some of our stock is from awesome suppliers in other countries, but we have made sure that they too are genuine manufactures that also meet the same standards we expect here, so we know we are only stocking the best.  In order to get their safety standard certification, and be used in any of the vape juices we stock, all ingredients must be food or medical grade.  Now, for cigarettes this is simply not a thing and there is nothing to protect you from the toxic chemicals.

Two of the biggest nasties in cigarettes that do not exist in vaping are:

Tar – this is what makes teeth go yellow and contains carbon monoxide and Volatile Organic Compounds  The chemicals in tar render the cilia in the lungs paralysed which means they cannot work to stop the really nasty chemicals going deeper into the lungs.

Carbon Monoxide – this is something we probably know more about from homes with gas supplies and cars.  It is a waste product that is deadly to humans and therefore gas suppliers and car manufacturers are tightly regulated to ensure it does not cause an issue – yet you can smoke it? It damages all organs particularly the heart.

When you look at the chemicals involved it is not hard to see why vaping is so much healthier than smoking – I know which one we will choose!  Pop over and have a look at the wonderful range of eliquids that we stock, safe in knowledge they are certified.