Smoking or Vaping And Sperm - Are You at Risk?
Smoking, vaping, inhalation of any kind of chemicals, they all usually provide a negative effect on the human body.
Trump Appoints New FDA Commissioner - Good News For Vaping?
For a long time now, the USA and the UK have followed similar trends, with many of our cultures influencing theirs, and vice versa.
Nicotine - The Science Behind the Drug
When the majority of people switch to an electronic cigarette, they’re usually searching for a method of smoking that reduces the intake of harmful chemicals.
Vaping and Air Travel - Your Guide to Safe Travels
So we’re all sick of the wind, rain and misery. Who can relate?
Coughing While Vaping - Why do we do it?
When people use an electronic cigarette for the first time, many of them will cough and possibly splutter. Why is this?
NHS confirms Vape Pens are safer than smoking
We often talk about a trials being conducted to identify the health benefits of e-cigarettes over regular cigarettes.
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