Is Vaping Harmful For Pregnant Women?
When you’re pregnant, everything changes. You start to grow another living being inside of you, and you’ve got to be careful not to put it in danger.
Bad Science - The Problem Poor Studies Create For Vaping
The internet is full of studies about vaping. People have talked at length about how good it is and the benefits it has.
America’s Vaping Industry - Cole-Bishop Last Chance For Salvation?
As many of you will know, America is seriously having issues with it’s vaping community.
SMOK Stick Prince Review - A Royal Vape?
One of our latest products is the SMOK Stick Prince Kit, which we’re obviously super excited about.
Flavour Ban Teased By FDA - The Not-So-Bright Future?
The future of vaping is something which is sadly up in the air right now, as the FDA has been on the verge of either cracking down on the community or letting us have a bit more freedom.
Healthcare Staff And Public Pushed To Accept Vaping
We live in a very modern world. Information is freely exchanged and given, and this means that a lot of people are very educated on a wide range of topics.
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