Here in the U.K, we’ve got some strict laws around vaping; under 18’s are not allowed to buy and use vaping products from stores. However, this isn’t the case in some parts of America, and it’s starting to become a major problem for schools. We’re going to be diving into the problem in some more detail, to try and see what’s going on.

Vaping In School?

It might sound crazy, but vaping in the classroom is actually a problem some parts of America face. One school in Boston has kids regularly smoking vaping devices in class, with students performing vaping tricks to try and show off to their friends. The biggest problem is that it is hard to detect vaping devices, because the vapour which is produced dissipates quickly and there’s just a light scent of fruit in the air.

Obviously, this does present a problem. There are certain expectations placed on students when they step into a classroom, and one such ideal is that they’re supposed to sit down and learn. There’s a certain amount of classroom etiquette which is reserved for school. You shouldn’t be spending time drinking tea and smoking, to coin a phrase. Vaping in a classroom isn’t acceptable, but that isn’t to say that vaping isn’t a good idea. Vaping can be a great way for people to stop smoking and pick up a cigarette which is healthier and safer for them. However, that does NOT mean that we feel vaping should be available for under 18’s. Here in the U.K, we don’t sell to those people under the age of 18 because like with things like alcohol and cigarettes, children are too young to fully understand the potential dangers of what they’re getting into. The fact that children are vaping in schools is deeply concerning, and should not be allowed to continue.

What Can Be Done? 

The problem for a lot of people is that there’s really not a lot which can be done besides the outright banning of vaping devices in schools. Obviously, you need to be sure that what you’re doing is going to work, and this involves being extra vigilant and spotting the telltale signs of vaping. Kids need to be taught about the dangers of vaping at a young age, and also made aware that they should not have them at all. However, a complete ban is the best possible solution, and hopefully ensures that kids start to put the vaping devices down.

Overall, the problems faced by American schools is troubling, but there is an easy way to prevent them. Vaping devices just need to be banned from schools to see a reduction in the number of kids doing it. Children also need to be made aware of what they’re doing and how it can impact them. They’re too young to vape and that needs to be explained to them. We’re all adults; we know what we’re doing with these devices and we understand the potential risks and concerns that come with any kind of smoking. People under 18 usually don’t, which is why they need to know and also be prevented from using the products.