• Vaping at Christmas - Etiquette Lessons
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    Vaping at Christmas - Etiquette Lessons

    Vaping at Christmas - Etiquette Lessons

    Christmas is coming up! Whether you’re going to be enjoying the holiday with people you live with, or the government will let us all socialise normally for a few days, there’s a good chance people will have a Christmas meal to create a sense of normality.

    If you’re someone who’s gotten into vaping this year, Christmas might be the first social event you’re participating in, so you’ll need to get to grips with the niceties of e-cig usage. Yep, it’s time for Christmas etiquette 101 - here’s the top handful of lessons.

    Smoke Away From Food and Presents

    The first and most obvious rule that you’ll probably want to get to grips with is that there’s a time and place for smoking.

    You’ve got a device which produces vapour into the air. It will smell of fruit or menthol or whatever else you’ve got in your tank. All this means is that you need to pick your moments to make sure that you don’t upset your fellow diners.

    Generally speaking, it’s not good manners to smoke around food or presents. Nobody wants the turkey to smell like the latest offering from Dinner Lady, and your gift isn’t going to get any better for it either.

    Our pro tip? Designate an area with adequate ventilation so you can smoke in peace. The doorstep or garden isn’t a bad idea.

    Respect Other People

    If you’re going to be a successful vape user who isn’t the subject of muttered disapproval every time you take your device out, you need to make sure that you are working towards a level of respect for the people you’re spending the holiday with.

    What this translates to, a lot of the time, is just basic consideration for other people. Ask before you’re going to smoke if someone else is present, never blow the vapour in someone’s direction, and if you’re dining with anyone who has breathing difficulties, keep it to a minimum.

    Be Discreet

    If there’s one thing that a lot of smokers do right, it’s that they go outside to smoke. It’s not usually a big fuss either - they just slip out and go for a smoke.

    It’s about the only redeemable part of regular cigarettes, and it’s a useful model for you. Don’t be loud or obnoxious about your vape device, just casually let someone know and disappear outside.

    Remember that you’re representing the e-cig community, so it’s pretty essential to be discreet and considerate.

    In conclusion, the basic etiquette of e-cigs isn’t too tricky to figure out. You’ll need to make sure that you’re considerate, discreet and polite about your habit - not too tricky, right? It’s just a case of making sure that you represent the community in the best possible way. It can take time to work out, but you’ll get the hang of it. Infinite Vapour has a broad selection of offerings to help you get through the Christmas holiday, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and ask about what we can do for you.

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