• Nic Salts: The Lifesaver for Transitioning Smokers?
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    Nic Salts: The Lifesaver for Transitioning Smokers?

    Nic Salts: The Lifesaver for Transitioning Smokers?

    Transitioning from regular cigarettes to the electronic counterparts that are so widely praised can be challenging. You’ve got to find a way of smoking that works for you. A big problem that a lot of transitioning folk have is the nicotine content - specifically, they need more than they can get from a basic e-cig.

    Yeah, this is frustrating, but we’ve also got a solution for that in the vape world. They’re called nicotine salts, and they’ve been made to compensate for lack of nicotine by giving you the same hit as a standard cig without cancer-causing gunk. Interested? Let’s take a look.

    No Cigarettes, No Problem

    So, a little-known truth for anyone who is actually in the e-cig industry is that when it comes to nicotine, basic kits and models do struggle sometimes. It’s not a bad thing; it’s just that the nicotine that some people need is hard to find.

    So, when it comes to getting the nicotine that you need, a lot of people have to try and go for something a little bit different. They have to choose nicotine salts.

    What are Nicotine Salts?

    Nicotine salts, otherwise known as nic salts, are a naturally occurring substance which is found on the nicotine plant.

    This substance was initially considered to be one of the waste products for extracting nicotine to put into liquids and cigarettes. Still, it was actually discovered that the salts themselves are an incredibly potent form of nicotine.

    Nicotine salts are incredibly powerful, providing much more in the way of a nicotine hit than any of the conventional e-cigs can do. At the same time, they’re also very quick to take effect - some say that they are ready to go around 7 seconds after they’ve been smoked - the same time as it takes your average cigarette to take effect.

    The Perks

    The perks of something like this are pretty extensive, all things considered.

    Obviously, you’ve got the rapid absorption rate for the nicotine itself, paired with the potency of the nic salts themselves - you’ll need less so you won’t have to worry about getting quite so much. The convenience factor is pretty important too - no one can deny that this is going to be really convenient for people to smoke on a regular basis.

    So, in conclusion, nic salts are something you should take a look at if you’re not 100% sold on the conventional cigarette idea and want something a little bit different to explore and check out. You’ve got so many different options and choices to explore, it’s become easy to take a look at what makes e-cigs so good. Nic salts provide a lot of nicotine quickly so they’re perfect for anyone who requires a big hit all at once. What’s on offer is what Infinite Vapour has within the selection - kits, mods, options, accessories, and liquids are all available, and of course a heaping helping of nic salts. Come take a look at what’s on offer today.

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